Is it necessary to educate men in order to empower women?

  • Yes, that is part of the solution.

    It is important to educate people of all genders because it is through education of everyone that we will achieve something closer to equality. The system as it is set up now is patriarchal and men and women should work together to implement the changes needed to help women have an equal chance to succeed in life.

  • Not TO empower, but...

    Men need to be educated on the subtle ways in which they denigrate and demean women, because many fail to realize, perhaps even myself at times, that women are human beings with thoughts, feelings, and the same capabilities that men have. They are not objects to be objectified or molded in our own image.

  • Ingorance breeds contempt

    Yes, I agree that ignorant men often treat women much worse, so in order to empower women it is necessary to educate men. I have heard it all: "Women belong in the kitchen, women aren't smart, women do nothing while men work and bring money," etc. In most cases, such statements come from the mouths of men who can't be described as educated.

  • Education Always Empowers

    We live in a male dominated society. Sure, we talk about gender equality a lot, and we are making strides towards greater equality between the sexes. Still, we are not there yet. Men needed to be educated about women and what is proper behavior versus what is outright and blatantly sexist.

  • No this is the wrong thing to ask

    This question that has been asked above is very sexiest. Why in the world, would the world need to educate men in order to empower women. This is something that really should not even need to be asked in today's age. Women are quite able to educate themselves and empower themselves.

  • No in general it is not needed

    In today's society there is no need to educate men in order to empower women. This may have been the case about 50 years ago but now society has changed. Women would need to be educated on how to be empowered today more than we need to educate men on the issue.

  • It is not necessary to educate men in order to empower women.

    Women can be empowered on their own, without the help of men. Women should learn to take and demand the equality they deserve. Men don't necessarily have to be a part of the women's liberation movement. If women demand and take rights, men will have to follow agree with their demands.

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