• Yes it is

    yes, to make sure that the whole nation is protected you have to make sure that you check every phone call and text message, and every web search, to make sure that you know that every single person is not about to plan a big attack on the US coming up.

  • Yes it is

    Why should we classify privacy under security? First of all, privacy is not more important, than national security or the security of any person living in a country. The only important thing is the security of the whole nation. Many things could have been prevented, like perfidious robberies, rapes, kidnapping, brutal murders or even terrorist attacks. Imagine that the robbery of your local store could have been prevented or solved by a camera in the right place. Imagine, that the kidnapping and the rape of a seven year old girl would not have occurred, if there had been an implanted chip that could track the movement of the child. Imagine, that the murder of a child and a civil servant by Marcel Heße could have been prevented by cameras, a chip, like I said before, or by simply supervising him, his phone calls and messages or his house. Imagine, 9/11 could have been prevented by invading a little bit more of the privacy of the passengers and searching thoroughly for weapons or by using so called full-body scanners. Imagine, the shooting at the Olympia shopping centre in Munich, where an eighteen year old pupil ran amok, could have been prevented by a collective surveillance. These were just a few examples. I´m sure every one of you knows some more. All of these would have easily been hindered, if we had gave up our privacy for the security of the nation. Do you really want to keep your privacy if every day thousands of people are murdered, raped kidnapped and so on, because of your selfishness? Do you really want to have a new terrorist attack in Munich, only because you don´t want officials to see what you wrote to your class in a What´s App group? All the lives of these people could have been rescued. I have some numbers here. Marcel Heße killed 2 people. In Munich, nine people were killed, 36 injured. During the attack on the twin towers, 3000 have been killed. 32.000 people died from terrorist attacks in 2014. 30.000 deaths because of terrorist attacks in only one year! In other words: the population of our town Eichstätt( 10.000 people living there) has been killed three times in 2014.All of these lives, all of these individual people could have been saved, simply by decreasing the level of privacy.
    As a conclusion, I think we can give up our privacy for our own security and for the security of the world.

    I apologize for the possible grammar, expression or spelling mistakes, English isn´t my mother tongue so there might be som in there

  • No, People already give things to the government.

    First off people should just get to have protection because they choose to stay in America, They choose to live in a house and pay taxes. Honestly, I think it would become way overboard if the government could go through everything and if you don't have anything to hide then it's useless.

  • It hasn't helped and can be misused

    The government should protect us out of respect. We stay in America and pay our taxes. They shouldn't need to listen to our personal phone calls and read through our private messages. I think the government has taken it to far. People have to get frisked at airports and occasionally strip searched. It has not made a big effect on our safety. So far all its done is made us embarrassed and paranoid while doing private things. Bombing still happen, Schools still get shot up, Terrorist keep attacking. Nothing is improving. I don't think we should give up our privacy for something that isn't working.

  • No,it is not necessary to give up privacy in order to maintain national security.

    It is not necesarily mandatory to give up privacy in order to maintain national security.Since privacy is a basic tenet of the American system,national security is pointless unless you also have a sense of security or else the whole society becomes nothing but a police state that nobody wants to be in.

  • no, it is not.

    Giving up security has nothing to do with protecting national security. The best way to protect national security is to stay out of people's business and treat the rest of the world humanely. I'd hate to admit it, but American imperialism has become a bully tactic and it can't keep on.

  • It hasn't helped.

    No, it is not necessary to give up privacy in order to protect national security, because it is not helpful. We do not have more national security if we give up privacy. We gave up privacy, and the Boston Bombings still happened. We are felt up at airports, but they haven't made a dent in security issues.

  • Privacy should never be given up for national security

    Privacy should never be given up for national security. I don't care how much the government promises to protect me or my family, at the end of the day and I want to know that the government is staying out of my life. I don't want to know that I am monitored daily and where I am. I just don't feel comfortable anymore. I am pretty sure many Americans feel the same, if not more angry about this issue.

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