Is it necessary to let go of your self-respect in order to be successful in life?

  • I think that getting ahead in life is worth losing a little dignity

    I support letting go of self respect to be able to be successful. I think that anything that pays the cost of living is worth doing. Being able to let go of dignity and self respect is worth doing so that one can pay their own bills and live. I disagree however with ever compromising your morals to be successful or earn money.

  • You can be successful and have self-respect too.

    Many people sacrifice their self-respect in order to be
    successful in life, but it is not necessary.
    Some people do this to be successful faster. This may work in some instances, but they
    often regret their decisions later in life.
    It’s better to maintain your integrity in life and be patient. Then, when success comes, you will enjoy it
    more and have more respect.

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