• It is necessary to reserve jobs for women.

    In the modern world, it is necessary for some jobs to be reserved for women. Women should have an equal right to work in the most prestigious jobs. Companies should make sure that their workers are diverse and that they do not discriminate against anyone on the basis of sex.

  • Discrimination still exists.

    I know we like to pretend as if gender based discrimination is a thing of the past, but any check of Internet message boards will give you a good reality check on that. Misogyny and discrimination toward women is still alive and well in the United States, and I think we've got at least another century of needing to do things such as reserving jobs for women and minorities via affirmative action before people finally get equality through their heads.

  • No not at all!!

    Women's are the strength not the weakness and by reserving jobs for them is a mere insult to them on their face. By reserving jobs for them v are showing that they are not capable on standing on their own legs and its an unfair treatment to the men as well... I feel there should not b any discrimination .Who desereves the job will get the job.

  • No you don't

    You don't need to reserve jobs for women because women are extremely capable in our society and will win the jobs anyway. There are more female college graduates than males currently, so they don't necessary need to reserve jobs for them. However, they do need to be paid the same amount.

  • Don't Reserve Jobs for Women

    In reality, we don't need to reserve jobs for women because they're fully capable of getting these positions on their own merit. A woman can easily earn the position rather than needing it to be reserved for herself. These days, women are starting to outperform men in many employment fields.

  • It is not necessary to reserve jobs for women.

    It is not necessary to reserve jobs for women. I think women have proved that they are just as capable of doing any job out there that they want to do. I think that we should start treating them as equal in the workplace. They have already proven that they can fight in the military.

  • No it is not necessary

    No, I do not think that it is necessary to reserve jobs for women, or even men for that matter. All jobs should be equally reserved for both genders, regardless of gender and based on who the better person is for the job. Holding jobs for women is reverse discrimination which is bad.

  • No, I do not believe in reserving jobs for women.

    I personally feel that reserving jobs for any type of job minority is unfair to the majority. This includes reserving jobs for people of any race or gender. People should be rewarded jobs based solely on merit. That being said, employers also need to look very carefully at their hiring practices, and make sure they are also not making any biases in the other direction, hiring less women or minorities and mostly white males. There needs to be a balance, yet it needs to be based on skill.

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