• Evolution is an important part of science

    We as Americans have the right to believe what we want so if we believe that we came from monkeys then let it be for all we know that god is real in some ways can be proven but science has also more than religion proven how the world works now that's proof

  • Everyone should be informed.

    The belief of evolution should not be forced on children, but they should be educated about it in order to make educated decisions of their own further down the line. Evolution is backed by science, and teachings of it encourage children to think logically instead of just believing what their parents/religion/school tell them is true.

    Posted by: slu
  • It is a scientific theory we should teach alongside the others

    Students should be able to be educated on all aspects of science, theories included. However, the theory of evolution is the most widely accepted by scientist world- wide. It is the foundation of many fundamental sciences and will help students understand the basics of the teaching. I would think that the people of America would rather be educated on the theory of evolution than be ignorant in yet another subject... But I cant speak for everyone.

  • Foolish Not To

    The Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection is the single most supported theory in the history of science. It remains to this day the best explanation we have for all the available evidence having to do with the diversity of life on Earth. To not teach it to children in school is to put them at a disadvantage when they get into the real world and think they can speak intelligently about things.

  • Yes, of Course

    Evolution, unlike creationism and other religious theories, is a widely accepted scientific theory that focuses on the facts available to us. My school is very sensitive about it, and they don't even come out and say "Evolution is true", but they present the facts and the evidence, and explain why the theory is accepted in the scientific community. The only people who wouldn't want it to be taught in school, are, obviously the religious people. But you have to accept that the evidence is there, and that's all they do in high school biology, is give you the evidence. Besides, teaching Biology without talking about evolution would be crazy. Evolution is the backbone of biology.

  • Of course

    Religion and politics should be kept out of the classroom, and therefore the science classroom. Unlike other classes which can have some debate as to whether a subject is morally or factually correct. Science is amoral, and is factual.
    The aforementioned reason is to assume the problem is that a group does not accept evolution as fact. For the purpose of 'not making an inflammatory situation' and some people say, still the answer is evolution must be taught. A similar reasoning would have prevented the integration of blacks into schools back in the 60s in the US.

  • So far as school exists to spread human knowledge

    Not teaching it would be suppressing knowledge. Whether inflammatory or not, the topic needs to be taught. The same argument could be made about not teaching slavery because some might deem it inflammatory. Or not teaching about atheism in a religious class because that would be inflammatory. It's exposure to the information. That's all the students need. Obviously they are going to take a side. But the religious are afraid they will take the wrong side and therefore they don't want it. Only those that realize how fragile their religion is will suppress the teaching of evolution. Those that are unfazed by it, will be happy to welcome it.

  • Yes.

    It is necessary to teach evolution in schools, even if they are Catholic schools. It is a key part of science and biology, and if children do not learn about it they will be ignorant to many aspects of science. It does not have to be taught as the ultimate right way that humans came to exist, it can be simply taught as an alternative theory.

  • Evolution is only a theory, so not really.

    I personally don't believe in evolution. Although evolution is certainly possible, the evidence doesn't seem to fit; there aren't any links between protozoa and other animals, and it is not specified how the protozoa got there in the first place. Evolution shouldn't be dismissed, but it shouldn't be taught as if it's definitely true either, and it isn't really necessary to teach it (although it probably should be talked about since it seems to be the best theory at the moment).

  • There's no need

    It doesnt make a difference in the way organisms function, I don't need know how somebody mixed a cake and sliced it for me, all I need to know is what is in it and how it tastes. Many religions oppose it, the way I see it, if they consider teaching creationism in school "forcing" religion on people then we shouldnt force evolution on anyone either.

  • The LORD GOD ALMIGHTY created the world!

    Even Charles Darwin repented and came to know Jesus Christ! There are so many flaws with evolution. I am a proponent for no evolution Day Age Creationism! I'm a Bible believing non denominational Christian and am 13 years old with the name Michael M! Have faith in Jesus Christ the LORD and Savior and the infallible Word Of God! Amen!

  • It's What You call It

    No, it is not necessary to teach evolution in school. We should not make a point of teaching a topic that is so inflammatory. Rather than teaching “evolution” and alienating or angering every religious parent in the school district, it would be more tactful to abandon the class. The theory of evolution could then be tactfully incorporated into an already existing science class and piggybacked onto animal science or another topic rather than being taught as a stand-alone subject.

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