• Absolutely.

    Asking if children should be taught of evolution is every bit as absurd as asking if it is necessary to teach them what gravity is, or germs, or physics. Evolution is a proven fact of nature that only the extremely deluded still doubt, and even most of them do in act believe in it, they simply deliberately misdefine it. Children need to be taught the facts.

  • YES!

    It is most certainly important to teach our kids about evolution, it is how the human race came about, and anyone denying that needs to clear their mind of religious beliefs that they are fed and simply look at the facts. Numerous bones, artifacts, etc. have been discovered proving the fact of evolution. Even our monkey cousins are a piece of the puzzle!

  • YES It is important to teach our children evolution

    Yes, teaching our children about evolution is important because aside from broadening their knowledge and helping them to think for themselves, it teaches them about the history of our planet and what science has to say about where we come from, contrasted against religious explanations of our origins. Balance and difference of opinion is very important in education.

  • Yes, It is

    Evolution is the scientifically accepted way of explaining how our universe came into being, so yes it is necessary to teach it to school children. It is an essential part of understanding science. There is no credible or urgent reason why we shouldn't teach evolution in school and evolution doesn't conflict with a person's ability to also believe in god.

  • Nothing is necessary.

    The theory of evolution is not necessary for an individual to function in society. It's a sound theory nonetheless.

    I have doubts about certain aspects of evolution. For instance, how did our stomachs evolve? The thick mucus protects us from the hydrochloric acid in our stomachs, but why would the mucus be there if the hydrochloric acid wasn't there first? How could the extremely corrosive hydrochloric acid exist in our bodies without the thick mucus?

    Philosophy, morals, and religion are as equally important to a well-rounded individual as science, mathematics, and history. Belief in any aspect of those subjects is of course up to the individual.

  • NO WAY!

    Darwin's theory of evolution is just that.. A THEORY!! There are many religious perspectives that don't believe in this theory and as stated by the ministry of education. To keep religion out of our school education system. Also, evolution IS NOT a way of explaining how are universe came into being. Theory of evolution, string Theory. They are all THEORIES not LAWS. As far as science is concerned, since it has not been proven it is not right as of yet, for all we know we could be feeding wrong information down our students throats. It should not be taught until its proven, otherwise the Christian perspective and Islamic perspective of our origin should also be taught in Biology. But wait..our religious theories are also not proven scientifically. I know! Let's not teach any of that stuff!

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