Is it necessary to use English more often than your own language?

Asked by: thetinkerbell
  • English becomes an International language.

    In the current period, can't speak English is a shameful thing. Because wherever people already speak English, although only using a few simple words, but still, it has become imperative. The world has set the international language, English. Inevitably, we have to learn it. Not that we don't use our own language in everyday life, but we should also get used to converse in English.

  • Yes.It is necessary.

    Because it is the only langauge through which we can speak with the people who live in other countries.We might go out for job purpose or for sight seeing,if we speak in our own language they might not understand what we want to say properly.If we know atleast basics of english ,we can manage speaking with them or else we might face troubles.Hence,if teachers teach in english we
    can learn english easily.It helps in interviews also.

  • What? No no no

    Using english more often than our language ? No nationalism . Finally our next generation can't speak our language too . And opt to speak in english . Yeah we can study english but in conversation we have to speak our national language more often than english . Because there's no advantages of using english with our native speaker

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