• Why we wear uniforms

    They help improve grades, Not as distracting. Not inappropriate now a days kids think it is ok to wear trashy clothing. Also they is not a problem anymore about kids clothing being so different they get made fun of. Now kids can wear clothing and not be judged on if they are poor or if they are rich. This is a peaceful solution.

  • I will say yes!

    I will always say yes, because it is really good to wear a uniform. It makes kids look smart. If, a student starts to wear their own choice clothes, they would change a school to a fashion show. People would not pay attention in school, instead the would start talking about their clothing.

    Thank You!

  • It is necessary to wear school uniform.

    Firstly, waring uniforms encourages students to be proud of being students of their school because they are wearing the uniform with labels bearing their school's name.
    Secondly, wearing uniform helps students feel eqal in many ways , whether they are rich or poor.
    Finally, wearing uniforms is practical . You don;t have to think of what to wear every day.
    Therefore, students in secondary schools chould wear uniform.

  • Everyone there should be in uniform, even the teachers.

    It should be necessary for everyone to wear uniforms at school. And by everyone, what I mean is that students should have their own uniforms, followed by teaching staff with their own uniforms, then followed by senior staff in standard business attire (because rank has its privileges). This would be an excellent way to ensure decorum and professionalism at all levels.

  • It is necessary to wear uniforms at school.

    Students should not be forced to make decisions about their clothing on their own. The school should provide appropriate uniforms for them so that they have more time to devote to their studies. It is not fair for some students who have more money to be able to wear more expensive clothes.

  • It is necessary to wear school uniforms

    Yes, it is necessary and essential to wear school uniforms at school. I think that kids are dressing too inappropriately nowadays, with clothes that they should not be wearing to school in front of others. School uniforms would take care of this problem and make sure that all students are in dress code at school.

  • Uniforms are not necessary

    Its weird that students have to wear uniforms some people just hate uniforms and i am one of those people because uniforms are very uncomfortable and plain students should be able to wear what ever they want to wear to school not just some uniforms that schools what you to wear them s you don't get distracted in the middle of class

  • It's not necessary to be worn

    I live in a small town named long branch in New Jersey I sometimes want to be different than what other people are wearing I just want to be my self ,different!! That's all I want to be that's what would make my years in school better I feel like we can't be are selfs now the students are scared to stand out and be who they actually are my favorite thing to see is my classmates wearing real clothes outside of school and gee they feel good they feel happy understanding and strong lots of energy from a pice of clothing I feel like we can't wake up and say hey I wanna wear that new metro top mom just got me nope it's sad and no one is speaking up for us please I just want change oh and don't get me started with on home work.....Lol

  • I hate this

    School Uniforms should not be worn in schools. I went to private and public schools for thirteen years while I lived in Lawrence. I did not like to wear the same clothing everyday. It gets boring after a while. Now that I live in New Hampshire, I can wear anything within reason at my school. Some people wear out there clothes and it's different and cool to see what these people wear and hear what other people have to say about their clothing.

  • Uniforms are childrens enimies

    Every students family may not having money to buy uniforms which given a specific cloth and colour . Identity cards are provided to students which will not cost much money but this can show the identity of the child as well as for the school . I think that uniforms not much useful for everyone . Actually i totally hate uniforms.

  • School uniform should not be worn.

    Most kids hate uniform. We have to spend money on things that isnt necessary. My principle takes away sweaters that arent uniform and you have to wait until your parents pick it up. But some kids are really cold. Uniform is not right. People get tired of the same stuff . Its just wasting more money because either way you have to buy clothes for the season for out of school.

  • Bullying? Is that the argument?

    To be honest, aside from the idea of professionalism within a community, uniforms can do a lot of real harm to a school. Any child in uniform represents that school.
    In my school, we have black and white uniforms. There is so much bullying.
    I can't say i know anyone who hasn't had a history of having been bullied or has bullied somebody. Regardless of uniforms, bullying is going to happen.
    What people choose to wear is what they choose to wear. If the students are allowed to wear what they want, then that's their choice what to wear. Uniform is far too costly for most families, whose kids already have their own clothes.
    Uniform can also have a negative impact on a school. For example; the kids in my school wear uniforms, the teachers do not. After school finishes, our school's students will go out. Many smoke, drink and do drugs. When they get seen doing this things in school uniform, it is likely to bring the school's reputation downhill.
    My school also has a high rate of violence, including knives, and teachers... Well, let's just say teacher have been sacked for doing things on school campus which they shouldn't.
    My point is; we all break the rules in my school.
    Uniforms will bring down the reputation of a school, cost parents more money when their children have perfectly fine clothes as it is, and it really wouldn't make much of a difference to bullying. Uniforms are not responsible for bullying. The bullies are. And those bullies will bully regardless of clothing.

  • No, it's not exactly necessary, but it can be a good idea.

    Wearing school uniforms is certainly not necessary. Many generations of students have gone to school wearing their own clothes, and reflecting their own personal style. So it's not something that is necessary. That being said, it can be a good idea for helping students feel more like a cohesive whole and as if they belong, so there's nothing wrong with the idea, either.

  • Uniforms aren't necessary, but they are desirable

    School uniforms are good in many ways. They help foster a learning environment and take the focus off of clothing. They are good equalizers, since no one person's clothing stands out for positive or negative reasons. However, they aren't a necessity. Schools can still create a solid learning environment without them, but they help.

  • Uniforms Restrict Freedom

    There is no need for public schools to have uniforms. Uniforms restrict the expression and freedoms of kids. Plus parents can't afford polo shirts and khakis for five days. Uniforms do cut down on bullying when everyone is wearing the same stuff. But uniforms aren't necessary because there are too many kids with not enough money.

  • No, if there is a dress code.

    No, it is not necessary to wear uniforms at school, as long as there is a dress code that helps students dress professionally. Students are capable of dressing appropriately for school, but they need to be told what the rules are. As long as the dress code is communicated clearly, there can be a productive school environment without a uniform.

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