Is it normal for a 15-year-old to use Vimulator (.Com) every day?

Asked by: ILoveCars
  • Of course it is.

    Im 14 and i play ariund. 1 hour a day, and i still have time for neccassary homework, packing bags etc. its not bad for you, its good to be independsnt at our age and it entertains us just fine. A recent study has shown that videogame players actually do very well in school due to there devotion and concerntration.

  • Is nothing wrong with that as far as i know

    Now, i don't know exactly how it all work except it is a vehicle simulator of some sort it would seem and there nothing wrong being interested in things related to any interest really, if someones like something enough they usually interact with anything related to that particular interest whether it's cars, data, electronic, games, books, drawing, etc so i see no reason to try figure out how much someone spend with something in the first place, is neither healthy or good...

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