Is it normal that I enjoy street parking more than parking lots and home parking?

Asked by: Adam2
  • What you guys think?

    As a kid who is from Brooklyn (Borough Park) who had relatives in Bushwick (where street parking is probably the biggest norm being that most of the homes are buildings and stores tend to below homes), I always enjoyed going there on weekends and going through Broadway (the avenue in Brooklyn that goes through Williamsburg and Bushwick). Is it normal that I loved street parking.
    Parking lots and drives in homeways are beautiful, but boring.

  • Normality is relative

    Personally I prefer lots and homes because it makes me fee! Safer then leaving my vehicle on the street. Also I like how lots are c!Owed off more and are generally more organized and not in any ones way like say leaving your car in the street were it may be a burden to others.

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