Is it O.K to steal to save your life/other people's lives?

Asked by: dtaylor971
  • Survival of the fittest

    Yes it should be okay to steal to save lives because it isn’t fair that someone has to loose their life because they don’t have money and it is ridiculous how people are so obsessed with money and items that they become self-centered because they have to follow "the law" or their just not being generous enough to give up something for someone. It would make you a good person if you give something up for someones life instead of not knowing that someone is suffering out there in the world, possibly dying by then and nobody should die that way over something SO RIDICULOUS and probably no one would care or know you or a friend died! If you desperately NEED something so bad that it would effect your life if you didn't have it, then it should be ok and it shouldn't hurt to steal at that time. Screw the law! Screw society! People were taught that stealing is wrong no matter what, well I think thats just wrong and just another reason for people to be "fair".

  • Yes its o.K.

    Who ever disagrees with this is a hypocrite or has never been really really hungry . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  • Whoever disagrees with this is an idiot!

    Lets say, you are dying in the desert. You find a grocery store, which could save your starved, De-hydrated friend. The problem is, the store is closed, and there are n other food or water sources in the area that is close enough to save your friend in time. Are you saying that you would let your friend die because stealing is "Wronger than letting someone die. Think how this sounds. A human life is more important than stealing an apple and water just so you could survive until help comes. I don't understand society! You want to legalize gay marriage, prostitution, and pot. But you won't steal to save a fellow humans life!?

  • Only for survival

    If it's to save your own or someone else's life, I don't see why not. If what you need to help you survive is not available through regular and/or legal methods and theft is the next best option then go with it, unless you don't mind dying or letting someone else die.
    Some may argue that it's immoral or 'wrong' to resort to theft regardless of the reason but I'd be quite sure that if you were put in the position where theft was the only option you'd go through with it.

  • People are meant to die, therefore the Bible is meant to be believed!

    "Thou shall not steal" Exodus 20:vs 2-17

    "For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: and whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it" Mathew 16:25

    For Christians it's not O.K to steal to save your life or other people's lives.

    The Bible is a worthy source of wisdom, valuable in directing one's journey through life. Great proverbs to live by.

  • Stealing is stealing and regardless how it happens and why it's still 100% wrong!

    If anyone who wants to steal something regardless to what the situation is or if your going to save someone's life, you also at the same time need to be thinking about your own life. Stealing is a crime and even if the person your stealing for you also need to starting thinking about if they are going to help you out while your in jail!! If someone needs something so bad to save someone, it would make more sense to go ask the person, homeowner or where ever your attempting to steal from. See if you can just have it and explain your situation. The answer may be simple and an easier solution than ending up in jail for it because you might just get if for free, just for the asking to save your own self by keeping out of jail and the other person as well who your trying to save. People are nice and they are really nice when you ask for something rather than take it upon yourself to just steal it. What you steal may be something the person doesn't really need anyhow and they may be happy to help you out. People don't like thieves and it's also highly disrespectful when all you have to do is ask if you need help with something or someone you know that you are trying to help. America is a forgiving country and so are the people but stealing is a sin, so do the right thing before you steal by determining what your repercussions are going to be for you in the end. Is it really worth it to steal or just easier to ask and you shall receive???

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angryvetusa says2014-01-05T18:37:44.980
I say no! Because there are enough people in this world, (that if you need food,medical supplies ,clothing or any other item for your or someone else’s survival) they will freely give it to you. If nothing else go to any church, they will not turn you down.