Is it Obama's fault that the US federal debt has exploded in the last four years?

  • Blame it on obama

    Obama said when he was first being elected that he was gonna pull us out of bush's debt but that was just another lie he told us. He put us into even more debt by taking money out and "putting it back later". Mhhmmm sure and have we seen that money go back in yet? Ya didn't think so. Basically were all getting screwed and this country is going into the crapper.

  • It is absolutley his fault.

    Obama's main 'stimulus' idea, is to pull money from the economy so we can put it back into the economy, and tax it as it comes through. yeah, that should work. there's not much of any room to make headway there. And I know that all the opposing arguments are gonna say that it's all Bush's fault, and that may be true to a degree, but he's had four years, and got us absolutley no where.

  • Budget In Upward Swing

    Obama entered the white house with military in both Iraq and Afghanistan. President Bush has also done little to control government spending during his time in the white house. It is impossible and irrational to blame all of the exploding debt on Obama. It is however partially his fault with the approval of bank and business bailouts.

  • Nope

    As Tameka.wallace said he inherited this debt from presidents before him. Obama does have to clean up the debt and that will take forever to do. Obama shouldn't take the fall for the presidents before him. George Bush put us in a lot of debt by making us go to war with Iraq.

  • No, Obama inherited a mess.

    The current situation with the federal debt in the United States is due to a lack of foresight in the previous administration and now Obama is having to pay to clean the mess up. He came into office attempting to end two wars and get the economy back on track. These are complex issues that require money and time.

  • No I don't think it is Obama's fault that the US debt has exploded the last 4 years

    It is a flaw in the system in general, something he only inherited, not something he created. We have been drowning in debt for years as it was, Obama is just the scapegoat for it now because it is higher than ever. But reality is.......the debt was never going down to begin with, always up. So no I don't think Obama is to blame for the federal debt rising higher the last 4 years, it is the system itself that is the problem.

  • Obama is taking the blame for the past administration’s policies.

    Often the effects of a presidential administration’s policies are not fully felt until the next president takes office. In Obama’s case, the economic downturn began during his predecessor’s term, yet he is blamed for a recession that occurred before he even took office. Bank bailout legislation, cost of living increases and military spending that had already started under Bush are often unfairly laid at Obama’s feet.

  • Obama should not get blamed for this.

    I think in the previous years the economy has been going downhill. Banks lend money to people who can not afford it, is one example. I think the debt in the last 4 years is due to President Obama trying to fix the problems from previous years. Its like the saying you need to spend money to make it. Its going to take time to get the economy back, I feel like it needed to get worse before it gets better, and now we are on the path of recovering.

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