Is it objectionable when a parent blogs about his or her child?

  • It is objectionable when a parent blogs about his or her child.

    Parents should not air their dirty laundry to the public. Personal information should not be written on blogs. This can be embarrassing for the children and it could cause them to be made fun of among their peers. Parents should not exploit their children for their own personal gain and benefit.

  • It invades privacy.

    Even though when you are a minor you don't have a lot of rights when it comes to your parents, it is still ill advised for parents to post personal details about their children on the Internet. Their friends could see it, they could be embarrassed by the material, or just not appreciate it.

  • Unfortunately, alot of parent blogs are not educated on how to talk about children

    The new wave of parent blogs and social media contains a number of parents with less than hoped for reading levels and education levels. This means that when they blog, they are bloggin about "so cute" and "look at that diaper" trivialities that are beneficial to some, perhaps girls who want to enter into an objectified American social stereotype, or boys along similar, but stranger lines. Instead, a more educated blog talks about educational achievements. The second blog form should be championed.

  • No, that's what parents talk about.

    No, it is not objectionable when a parent blogs about his or her child, because parents like to talk about their children. It is natural for a parent to be proud of his or her child, and there is nothing wrong with that. Parents are very consumed by the children, and don't have much to talk about, besides their children and the neighbors.

  • Parents are Fine Blogging About their Children

    Without a doubt, parents should have the freedom to blog about their children. It's a smart idea to use a pseudonym or at least hide their child's identity though. Such postings can be used to identify a child later on, and parents are sometimes too candid and open about their children. For that reason, parents need to exercise caution when blogging about their children.

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