Is it ok for 10-12 year olds to play Battlefield V

  • Yes as long as they don't get inspired to do something bad like that in real life.

    Most kids like video games because it's entertaining to them and they think it's fun. I play fortnite but I don't rage. I know it's just a game and I am not addicted to it. A video game is a privilege so try not to get grounded or else you won't get to play battlefield V.

  • It's all good

    It's the best battlefield game I've ever played, And I'm a Big fan.
    It's not a big mass of blood and gore when you stab people and
    Its OK for all history-liking people like me. I at least say yes!
    It's a bit of blood but guys, It isn't doom tho. So yes, Just yes.

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