Is it OK for a 11 year old boy to play Warface (Rated T)?

Asked by: TheHipster7867
  • I think so...

    I'm 11 and started playing this and its awesome :D No one has seen me play it, and my parents don't like very violent games. But, I play game like Terraria, Minecraft, BattleBlock Theatre, which are somewhat violent, and when I play Warface I see almost no blood, so what do you guys think?

  • I believe so.

    There should be no issue in this, and 11 year old boy has seen his share of violence by now, and playing a rated T war game is not going to damage his psyche. It is important, however, that he doesn't become so addicted to the game that he slacks on his schoolwork (though this has nothing to do with the rating).

  • What's it going to do?

    There have been tons of studies digging into how video games will affect their players. Most of them say that there is no negative impact.

    There has, of course been a lot of controversy surrounding this issue. There always has. First it was comics, then it was TV, now it's video games.

    The majority of it is false information trying to pin violence on various media in an attempt to write a eye-catching story. Its all unsupported of course.

    So, really what it boils down to, is not what the game causes the player to become, but how the player deals with the themes. If an 11 year old knows how to handle graphic content, and his parents agree, then it should be fine.

  • I believe it's okay.

    I've played Warface and it seems to be okay for anyone over 10. It's pretty generic, so you might want to try a different game. It's know that people become hostile from video games is because of preexisting mental conditions. If you know you are mature enough to play a T rated game and know you won't follow the ideals of the characters, you'll be perfectly fine.

  • It should be allowed

    These sort of games r so much fun and parents just don’t understand! In this game there is no blood or gore it is completely family friendly, I do not understand why it is 16, There r so many more worse games then this in terms of blood and gore!

  • It should be allowed

    These sort of games r so much fun and parents just don’t understand! In this game there is no blood or gore it is completely family friendly, I do not understand why it is 16, There r so many more worse games then this in terms of blood and gore!

  • If you are mature enough.

    I think that if you are mature enough that your parents should let you play any game that you want. Excluding games like GTA V that involve mass killing sprees and drugs and sex. I think that this game reminds me of COD and Rainbow Six, But more mild for younger gamers. I think probably age 12-13 is a good age range.

  • Of course its fine!

    I've played it before and its perfectly fine. It literally only has a teensy amount of blood and not graphic at all! Down load it on your computer and you'll see why its ok because like I've said before it is perfectly fine and plus there are games out there that are much worse than this.

  • I personally believe playing violent games (unless going on a spree of crimes or mass genocides) doesn't effect the mind much,I played it, still OK.

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  • Yes, there's no gore

    It's not violence really, if you shoot or kill the blackwood army people, you don't see gore and it's takes not even 30 seconds for the corpse to disappear. When someone swears in the chat, the game will replace it with stars. The game is very useful/fun for teamwork so I don't get why a 11 year old shouldn't play it.

  • What Is The Benefit ? Nothing !

    An 11 year old,isn't a teen yet but very close,if they start playing violent games,they are going to be violent outside and towards other teachers as a matter fact,they are going to end up violent everywhere, causing CHAOS everywhere !
    Might end up in jail,cause of a single game !
    If you get my point,this topic/discussion has been made clear ,

  • I've played the game.

    Subjecting your child to that boring of a video game is like child abuse. Thats like treating him to an ice cream cone without the ice cream in the cone. Forget the fact that its a little violent, there are much better entertainment sources out there. Consider kerbal space program!

  • Enjoyment time and days

    Not a teen and when exposed to such violent games creates a troublesome mind and are of no use....Instead they should be exposed to brain teasers and puzzles and other kind of games like painting the picture based on hints and etc which can develop his mind and full of enjoyment....

  • What does teen mean?

    What does teen mean? It means you need to be a teen to play the video game, Its not like there going to go around and murder people but 11 is not 13 to 18 years of age. So no he shouldn't play this game as its too old for him.

  • Looking at this from face value.

    If we're solely looking at it from a ratings/legality point of view (since game rating systems are sponsored/supported by the government), it is not inherently ok for someone under the age of 13 to play the game. However, if we aren't looking at it legally, but rather by the parents decision, then it is ok as long as the parents approve of it, because that is the whole point of the system, to motivate parents to involve themselves in the child's video game playing by monitoring the ratings system.

  • What part of "T" don't you get?

    Eleven years old is NOT a teen. It may sound petty, but there is a reason for age restrictions on entertainment as well as other things. When a kid is 12, they don't do driver's ed. When you are 15, you don't walk in a bar for a beer. As a parent, I have to add, breaking such rules sets a horrible example. It's like telling that 11 year old that rules and restrictions do not apply to him/her -- IGNORE THEM! That alone is just asking for future & bigger problems!

  • Teenage Years .

    I believe an 11-year old boy shouldn’t be playing this video game, if he is not mature enough. In addition, it is true that at 11 years is close to their teenage years however there is an acceptable rating(there is a rating after all) in regards to violence, a study show that children are exposed to violence in their environment through movies, television, and other media sources.

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