Is it OK for a girl to want to be a housewife?

Asked by: Neebie
  • It's all about choice.

    Kids are told they can be anything they want to be, so if a girl develops an interest in making a home for her husband and family, how can you cay no? Being a housewife doesn't have to equate with being a doormat or a second-class citizen. There is a lot of value to the job.

  • Yes, assuming it's really her choice.

    It's OK for anyone, not just women, to prefer housework to a paid career. That being said, few women are held hostage and forced to be housewives at gunpoint. Even generations ago, when sexism was far worse, housewivery was almost always a "choice," made under immense pressure from one's family, society, husband, etc. These women would all have told you, at risk of being shamed by the misogynistic culture, that being a housewife was what they wanted. Misogynistic social pressures still exist today, so it's important to consider that these "choices" are actually choices at all.

  • Being a housewife does not negate support for gender equality.

    There is no reasonable argument to deny any spouse's desire to stay at home. Therefore, if a woman wants to stay at home instead of work, she is not surrendering her independence... She is making her own decision. Just because she desires to be a housewife does not mean she does not support gender equality.

  • Why can't she be?

    Because it doesn't benefit feminism? If she wants to stay home with her kids, cook healthy food, clean and shop than that's her choice. Not all women want to be CEOs or doctors. It's natural for a women to want to be with her kids. She should be able to get a job or stay home,

  • That's a personal decision. If you're interested in that career, what's the bad side?

    Some people prefer the concept of doing work around the house to help their kids and husband. Who are we to discourage that? Even if a guy wanted to, it would be fine. That's jut wanting to start a family, and if they want that over, say, a job in IT, what's wrong with that? That's perfectly reasonable.

  • No it's not okay.

    As women, we worked incredibly hard to get out into the work force and to simply make the choice to stay at home is a slap in the face to feminism at its core. Surely, there are more productive aspirations one would have than to simply be a "housewife." Why not think about the world outside oneself and try to make a difference? Isn't that what being a strong woman is all about?

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