• Yes, it is okay.

    This will be easy…

    Anyways, if the restaurant had adult themes, then the answer should be obvious; it's not suited for minors.

    If the restaurant had a couple outlook, like one of those honeymoon commercials (I don't believe people would bring their children to that kind of resort… Plus I do not think those kind of hotels give you multiple beds.)

    I also don't believe you are allowed to bring a minor to a heavy bar restaurant where someone that are in their wits are bound to get drunk.

    If you're planning to open a restaurant, I suggest advertising in a certain way to get the message across that it's strictly for adults! For an example: The hour the commercial airs (late at night), do not add actors who can portray a minor, and try to creativity state the acquirements. ("Date night for you and your lover", "Get away from the kids and…", "Call a babysitter and…".) I know my examples are not very unique and creative; I just wanted to get my point across.

    Good Luck! (:

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