• Wasn't choice the whole point...?

    Some women want to stay home and raise a family. Some want more. Some want less, and are satisfied with cats and a quiet corner to call their own.

    So yeah, it is okay for women to stay at home, provided they are provided for, and the person providing is okay with the arrangement. Why wouldn't it be?

  • For the love of God. How many times are you going to post these polls jjhonmusic11?

    Of course it's okay for a woman to stay at home. If it is what works best for her and her family. There are benefits to staying at home and their are disadvantages to staying at home. Nearly every decision has its consequences. I am COMPLETELY okay with a woman choosing to stay at home with her children if that is what she feels is best. She should not be put down for it nor should she be raised above those women who work. Staying at home is a blessing and should be honored just like working is also a blessing. Heck I'm okay if the dad wants to stay at home- The Bible never mentions that the father has to provide MONEY for his family- it just says to provide. Provision can be anything whether it be money, emotional and spiritual growth, care, affection, etc. Let the woman and her family decide what is best for them- not some third party and certainly not you or me.

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