Is it ok for African Americans to use the n word?

  • It's a word.

    Why would one care if any dumbfuck uses the n word? If a racist uses the N word, Chances are that the sentence would be as hurtful if you switched the stereotype and the slur. If anyone else uses the N word, Either they're an immature edgelord (which is OK by me) or they're purposefully trying to piss people off. Stop being pissed off by a simple word. I've fell for that trap too, And I can clearly say that I won't fall for words--just sentences.

  • Yes my duuude

    They should be allowed to use the n word because they use often and frequently so they should and they have developed that and thats one thing that they want to keep us diffrent from each other and their happy with that so ya you need a life if you say noo like bruh

  • Those who care will never be satisfied regarding race and race relations.

    We can't read minds, We can't tell how offended someone is or how offended they aren't. Restricting certain speech should be reserved for phrases and complete sentences or any term that conveys a complete idea that can easily be understood to the intended recipient as directly inciting violence upon a person or immediate group. No "word" should be banned, Where would that stop? Rewriting history? Not learning anything, And relearning it all wrong. Thus a repeat is in store. Grow up. Be adults. Be women, Or be men. Enough.

  • I don't think anyone should use the n word

    LI hate the n word. As Morgan Freeman once said, "How are we going to get rid of racism if we don't stop talking about it? " By saying the n word as an African American, You are disrepecting the millions of slaves that were before your time. Do you think they would be ok with people today saying that derogatory word? Slavery ended 150 years ago! If we are truly to get rid of racism, This word should not be used at all! We as a culture need to stop seeing each other as black and white and moreover just as a fellow man.

    African Americans specifically can't relate, Infact no one can relate because their ancestors that lived in slavery lived 5, 6, 7 generations ago, So nobody can really relate. The n word is derogatory and should be contraband and when people use it in their daily talk or in music they do not respect the people that came and suffered before them.

  • I don't believe it's okay

    No. Just because someone is African American doesn't mean they should use it. The same goes for any other culture, Skin colour, And other racial slurs.

    I find it odd to use these swords that are supposedly considered racism and make you feel bad, Are offensive, Rude, Insulted, Etc but can use the word whenever as you please because you are a skin colour that is associated with the particular word? That's just really odd.

  • If they get so offended then why use it?

    If someone other then an African American says the n word then they get very offended. Now I don't think anyone should use the word. Its a stupid, Made up word that has no real meaning. If they really get so offended over it then how about nobody says it? Makes sense right? They also shouldn't get offended because in way more then half the rap songs they make they use the word. If you don't want people to say it then don't put it in a song that is going to get catchy and everyone is going to be singing. Not to mention, Using the word makes people sound stupid. Its just as stupid as using slang like "Ayo whas up my dude" like what kind of language is that? Certainly not American🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Nah i don't think so

    As an African-American, I really avoid saying it because I don't think it's something that should be said. And people can say whatever they want " It's a term of endearment", "I can say it because I'm black". No. It's annoying and there are several alternatives to using that word.

  • No because it harms them

    That word was created in hate. Black washing it cannot undue it.
    Rappers and other people use it in the media and arts to make it relevant and to make themselves appear as edgy. Do not do. I dislike hearing black children using it because they heard someone say it.
    Then the white man thinking it is safe uses it. Then the parents outcry that their child was oppressed and want a safe space.
    Just look at the boondocks episode and the real life situation that it mirrored.
    Just forsake the word and stop using it for the safety of everyone.

  • The term was made to discriminate.

    Initially, This term was used to discriminate against African Americans. It was made to be offensive, Rude, And hateful. Just because the people who are being targeted by the word use it, It does not mean that they should or is it ok. If a word is made to be offensive, It will always be offensive unless the whole world changes its view on the word. If if it's okay for a particular group of people, It will remain offensive. You either need to change the meaning of the word or cease use of it altogether.

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