Is it ok for African Americans to use the n word?

  • Those who care will never be satisfied regarding race and race relations.

    We can't read minds, We can't tell how offended someone is or how offended they aren't. Restricting certain speech should be reserved for phrases and complete sentences or any term that conveys a complete idea that can easily be understood to the intended recipient as directly inciting violence upon a person or immediate group. No "word" should be banned, Where would that stop? Rewriting history? Not learning anything, And relearning it all wrong. Thus a repeat is in store. Grow up. Be adults. Be women, Or be men. Enough.

  • I don't think anyone should use the n word

    LI hate the n word. As Morgan Freeman once said, "How are we going to get rid of racism if we don't stop talking about it? " By saying the n word as an African American, You are disrepecting the millions of slaves that were before your time. Do you think they would be ok with people today saying that derogatory word? Slavery ended 150 years ago! If we are truly to get rid of racism, This word should not be used at all! We as a culture need to stop seeing each other as black and white and moreover just as a fellow man.

    African Americans specifically can't relate, Infact no one can relate because their ancestors that lived in slavery lived 5, 6, 7 generations ago, So nobody can really relate. The n word is derogatory and should be contraband and when people use it in their daily talk or in music they do not respect the people that came and suffered before them.

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