Is it ok for teachers to go on strike or should they employ other means?

  • The issue is NOT money.

    People keep saying that Teachers are upset because they're losing money or sick days or whatever and that they are just greedy. The teachers AGREED to a wage freeze the issue that they are protesting is the government introducing LAW to take away their right to negotiate their contract. I understand that they have a good contract and they should, they are some of the most valuable members of our society who have direct impact on the future generations, but even if it's the best contract in the world they should still have the right to negotiate that contract and should not be subjected to rules unilaterally imposed on them by their employer, regardless if that employer is the government or not!

  • Teachers have a very difficult job and should have just as much right as anyone else to strike for better conditions and a fair wage.

    Teachers are some of the hardest working people in any profession under some of the most difficult conditions. They have every right to strike if it will improve their working conditions and pay. Otherwise we end up with dissatisfied teachers, and a high turnover among teachers. The children will ultimately suffer if teachers are not respected and treated justly.

    Posted by: 54IInferno
  • I do not support teachers going on strike as they supply an essential service to the community.

    Teachers although they may need to take action to improve conditions and pay scales should not strike. There are other forms of protest that would impact their students and parents to a lesser degree while still being effective. An example would be to refuse to fulfill their many administrative responsibilities, or recruiting the support of students and parents.

    Posted by: R3n5God2iIIa
  • Strike for rights

    Yes I believe teachers should have the right to strike if their benefits are been reduce or are been abuse at work or making less money year after year without a cost of living raise. After all, we all seem to pay more taxes every year and that is where their money comes from, and the government is just another employer, nothing special, so who is keeping that 3% I pay more in taxes every year?

  • It is indeed ok for teachers to go on strike because they educate people around the world, and they have a right to revolt if the resources they have are being taken away.

    I believe that it is ok for teachers to go on strike because being a teacher is a highly respected occupation since they educate people of every stage. If the resources they are supplied with are not enough to continue their job, they have a right to revolt and go on strike until their needs are met.

    Posted by: N34rIyGaIv
  • Teachers should have the right to strike along with all other employees, but this should be used very sparingly.

    Teachers should have as a final option the right to strike. When all other methods have failed to remedy a situation, address grievances and bring about change, a strike does get results. Most teachers, along with most other workers, would prefer not to take this route and could be trusted to use it as a court of last resort. It is a dangerous precedent to deprive any group this method; too many people fought and died for this right to let it drift away!

    Posted by: vempyrik 66
  • I think teachers should be able to use paddling as a discipline.

    There are so many problems in our schools today with drugs, etc. In the past giving "swats" (paddling) was seen as okay in America but now in our schools it is not allowed unless the parents say it is okay. I do not believe in a teacher striking a student with their hand opened or fisted. It should be done in front of someone else and only a couple of swats. If a child has done something bad enough to require more than this then it should be up to the parents.

    Posted by: jointofview
  • Although I do not like unions for the most part, strikes should be used as a last resort.

    Going on strike should be a desperate and final resort in negotiations between employers and unions. Teachers have a special responsibility to the students they teach, and therefore should not go on strike unless all other means of negotiations have failed. I believe there is a large enough pool of substitute teachers to handle this in a county or school district for a short time. State or Nation wide strikes could be devastating however.

    Posted by: 5h035Bow
  • It is ok for teachers to strike - their job is not critical to public health or safety.

    It is acceptable for teachers to strike in order to exert their rights to fair compensation and benefits. A teachers job is not critical to public health and safety and no one will suffer needlessly because of a teachers strike. While it may not set with a local community when teachers strike, they are afforded the same rights as any other person attempting to make a living.

    Posted by: ThegaXen
  • I do feel that it is ok for teachers to go on strike, teachers shouldn't feel that they have to accept any treatment that is dealt to them.

    I feel that teachers should be allowed to fight for what they want and deserve. While it is important that are children are being taught. No one should be choke-holed into putting up with a bad administration. Since there is a teachers union in many places teachers now have a voice and don't have to stand for unfair practices towards them. I really feel that we should support the teachers more since they are sculpting are children.

    Posted by: C0ImEIite
  • It's holding the students hostage.

    Beginning teachers often start with $30,000+ paychecks for only 9 months of work... Despite what they tell you, they don't have to work doing summer. When they go on strike it holds thousands of students hostage... It's screws THEM over and hurts their education. Excellent pay, great benefits, 3 months a vacation, and often free college (every couple of years, the school will pay to up the teachers education) teachers are in no position to pay... Most teachers retire with $70,000+ paychecks.

  • No i do not!

    Professionals do not strike. Physicians, lawyers, engineers, and scientists are distinguished by dedication to their profession. Teaching should be a profession as well. If a professional is unhappy with his work situation his ultimate recourse is to resign and go elsewhere. Public employees in general ought not to have a right to strike. A union may be useful for presenting grievances, but cutting off public services to get more money is unacceptable. If the pay is unacceptable, they should seek employment elsewhere. I strongly oppose to teachers going on strike to put forth their demands. They can use other means of protest but going on a strike is simply not acceptable for noble professionals like teachers. Students learn from their teachers and often idealize them. Such behaviour from teachers can have a negative impact on them and someday even they would do the same thing. Moreover, it is extremely unfair to waste the precious time of students which otherwise could be used for learning lessons. Teachers are paid more per hour than most professions, $25.03 per hour on average, far more than the $16 per hour nationally. They also get summers off and far more holidays than most workers. They receive government benefits, such as healthcare, that are typically better than most workers. And it is extremely difficult to fire a teacher, even the bad ones, even some who were found guilty of sex with students. Why, then, would teachers ever go on strike? Well, for more money, more benefits, and more protections ... one can always ask. But to strike is to demand. And unlike still production lines, which hurt only management, teachers' strikes empty the classrooms. Then thousands of students (or more) and their parents find themselves lacking childcare and their children without education. The greed of the teachers hurts the children, their parents, and their community. Teachers may complain, write letters, and even stop all extracurricular activities. But to risk Johnny not learning to read and Juan not learning English because teachers refuse to jobs for which they are already highly compensated is not just a travesty - it is also a violation of the social contract and an affront to strapped tax payers who have paid that high compensation for years.

  • Teachers are costing innocent students their education

    While teachers are striking, kids are losing their education which is unfair. Teachers are public servants and they need to take full responsibility for their students. They sign up to be a teacher, knowing their working conditions. And if they don't like their conditions, maybe the job is not made for them. Yes they should have the right to voice their opinion, but it should be on their own time. As a stated before innocent children are lacking their education while teachers are striking.

  • Reality check please

    Come and spend a week in my shoes. Four weeks holiday a year, no pay raise in 7 years and no pension. You really don't know you have been born and striking really quite offends a good proportion of the population.
    I think there is a place for strikes, but only if you really feel you are being treated unfairly. Step back and see yourselves in context with the rest of us. All in it together?...Apparently not the teachers.
    But its ok, because when you all strike, I will use one of my days holiday (yes those four weeks I get) to cover it, so thanks for that.
    Is it any wonder that if I could go into teaching I would do it tomorrow? I would bite your arm off to go and do a teaching job. In fact, you come and work with criminals like I do, and I will swap with you and work with young people.
    If you walk one day in my shoes you will see how lucky you all really are.

  • Pathetic waste of time!!!

    Too many people want the privilege of being a teacher and these teachers don't understand how lucky. I personally want to be a teacher and would volunteer for that privilege! Obviously, these teachers have to much time to think up "woe is me" problems with every weekend off , every holiday off and summers.. And two sick days a month! I think they've become to used to being pampered in a job that is highly wanted.. If you don't like it, find a new career because obviously, they aren't in it to educate children they are in it for the benefits and money.. So unfortunate for the children who are missing out.

  • I can't believe they're doing this AGAIN.

    A wage restraint over the next 2-3 years is not a big deal. The government provides funding for the school board, therefore the government has the right to freeze wages. Unions were created to prevent unfair and/or dangerous working environments. Is that a problem now? No, now they are just being selfish; cutting off public services and walking out on the job to get more money when they’re already overpaid as it is. Not to mention all the benefits and holidays they receive that other professions do not have. And yet they still want more. The strike negatively affects our lives. We pay taxes that go towards their salary, but they are walking out on their job. The education system is unorganized, and it delays our education.

  • teachers should not be striking!

    Striking negatively effects people's lives, jobs, and can cause huge inconvenience. By striking, it not only effects the students by missing one or several days of education it will effect the society, this is because if children are not in school they will most likely be out in the streets. Striking is most likely to be a waste of time as the majority of times striking happens, no change is made. Also, when striking you do not necessarily gain anything from it and you do not get paid.

  • Teachers should never go on strike, because their profession is too essential to society.

    When professional athletes strike, it is an inconvenience to the fans of the sport. When airline pilots strike, it is a nuisance for travelers to switch airlines. When teachers strike, it is disruptive to the lives of busy parents, and damaging to the students for the days of education they miss. Schools are an integral institution, and taxpayers are entitled to them being open as scheduled.

    Posted by: FlakyHerb64
  • As public employees entrusted with children's education, teachers should not go on strike, but instead employ other means.

    In contrast with private employees, public employees work for the people and are entrusted with providing absolutely necessary services. This is why teachers or other public employees should not strike, but instead look to other methods to get their point across. They should choose methods that do not threaten the education of children.

    Posted by: EminentBennett93
  • Strike action = A Selfish act

    By going on strike you are not only putting yourselves at risk from you r job, but the childrens education and there parents priorities. By going on strike you are no going to solve anything, but cause more havoc to the world. In a way, kids love these days as an excuse for a day off, but this day could effect there future of education just for an act that had no garanteed solution, but an trastic reaction on the day.

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