• Look at how the war on drugs turned out

    Like ron paul said people dont need laws to tell them not to use heroin. All banning drugs does is create more criminals. Why should sticking a needle in your arm make you a criminal or rolling up a 20 and snortin cocaine make you a criminal? The war on drugs has been a failure

  • Yes, and it would change things for the better.

    The legalization of drugs is not about creating addicts - it's about not punishing people for what they are doing. Legalizing drugs has been proven to actually cause a decline in drug use, and it focuses on rehabilitation instead of criminalization. The number of drug offenders in prisons is obscene and legalizing drugs would help.

  • It is ok to legalize drugs.

    The real problem of drugs, for a legal standpoint, is the crime people commit while using. These crimes, however, are already punished, so the focus should be on those violent crimes to begin with. Making drugs legal would cut down on gang activity, turf wars, and dealer related murder and crime.

  • Yes It's Okay

    I believe it is okay for the government to legalize all drugs. I think we would be far better off legalizing things like marijuana (or natural drugs) and leaving manufactured drugs illegal, but I think it is possible to legalize them all. This would allow drug addicts more opportunities to get help when they need it, rather than constantly fearing authority.

  • The burden on non-users

    Non-users do not benefit from the war on drugs. It means more taxes to pay for enforcement. It means putting ourselves at risk of getting hit by stray black market bullets or getting killed in a drug raid on the wrong person. It means meth is produced in people's houses instead of in factories, so when I buy a new house I and my children could get poisoned and even die.

    The war on drugs does nothing good for non-users and no good for users either as it has proven ineffective in getting them to quit. If anything legalization would make it easier for them to quit since they wouldn't have to hide in the shadows, would more openly talk about what they do, and so be more likely to be given a reality check in their social conversations and then check into rehab instead of always socializing with people who reinforce the addiction.

  • Eases Burden on Criminal Justice System

    Legalizing drugs does several things. It eases the burden of the criminal justice system. It makes black markets for drugs lose their value. Legalization can even lead to more tax revenue when state and federal governments regulate the industry. Recreational drug use is bad, there is no doubt about it. However, making them illegal may not be the best way to handle the problem.

  • Yes, it is okay for the government to legalize drugs

    I do not believe it is the government's job to legislate morality nor to babysit the population. People are aware of the dangers of drug use, and they can decide for themselves if they want to flout those dangers. The government spends an inordinate amount of time, effort, and money to conduct the "war on drugs," which is a futile effort. Drugs will always be available, and people will always use them. Legalizing them would save billions of dollars, and would really have no effect on actual drug usage.

  • The Drug War Creates More Problems Than It Solves

    Locking up people for using drugs will not solve their drug problems. It doesn't show any compassion to people with drug problems. Remember how well Prohibition worked out? We created a black market and allowed Al Capone to flourish. By keeping these drugs illegal in the first place, we create people like Pablo Escobar. If we were to legalize drugs; fewer victimless criminals would clog the prisons; the courts, police and lawyers would have time and money to deal with real criminals; the huge black-market profit would be taken away from the bad guys (as well as the black market would be taken away); the money wasted could be used for trying to get rid of actual problems; we could reduce the transmission of HIV and Hepatitis and we could control the quality and dosage so fewer people could get sick.

  • Are you High

    I don't think that it is a good idea to legalize drugs. No matter what people say drugs won't be legalized. After all we are seeing a lot of trouble down where it has already been legalized. Why would you want to allow people to harm themselves like this when it's the governments job to protect them.

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