• Voting is a Crock of Shit

    I think it's funny that people vote really. Voting is just a way to see who other people want for president. Unless your in the electoral collage, the government doesn't give a crap about your vote. Trump could've won 90% of the popular vote, and 260 electoral, and still lost. Its funny to me that fall for any candidates BS. Really, they're feeding you one lie after the other, and yet you still believe them, that's what they want. They'll promise you a better america, or a wall, or no terrorism, when really, they never do any of it.

  • Not all people should vote.

    Voting is the right of all individuals in a democracy. The purpose of voting is to allow the public to have the final say on the topic of which political party and politician is allowed to rule over them. However, in order to properly do this, they need to be able to make an informed decision about which party they support. Not all legal adults are informed enough to make this decision, whether due to circumstance, knowledge of politics, or maturity. To force such people to vote would be the most ridiculous decision that a democratic government could make. Their vote would be one of arbitration and guesswork, and would do nothing to represent the public at all. Although I believe voting is a highly patriotic deed, I believe that a decision not to vote due to lack of confidence in one's ability to make a good choice is just as patriotic, if not more so. Taking away this choice would surely lead to chaos.

  • None of the above is an option.

    When voting for people to represent your ideas it is always possible that some will not agree with any of the candidates. Rarely do two people ever agree on 100% everything so if a voter feels that their vote would be wasted on no matter who they vote for I feel it is perfectly acceptable not to vote. Often I find that people don't actually like their candidate but just vote against the other candidate. They only do this because they do not feel it is socially acceptable not to vote and who can blame them with the constant advertising over the past few days telling you to vote. Not voting is saying"none of the above" it's like voting in a way and should be acceptable.

  • Deterioration of rigid republic

    Avid desires for a more controlled democracy will be benefited if this mindset prevailed. The Republicans have always consistently emerged the victors when miniscule portion of the population voted. Always vote for the better interest. Throughout the 80s and 90s, Republicans propounded ads which compounded the status of the Democratic Party. The primary objective the Republican Party was to deter poor people from voting. The tactic worked which propelled the Democratic Party into a more free-market centered party. Power hungry people want this mindset to prevail, because it is often always assured their base will vote.

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