• A silly question.

    Only someone who is racist think your skin color determines your value to society. Tired of hearing how "privileged" I am because I'm white. I grew up in an area that's mostly people of Dutch, German, And Polish ancestry so the vast majority of them are also white. How can my race be a private if just about everyone else is the same skin color? Funny thing is, My class had the first black student. His difference actually made him more popular as people were more curious about his culture. I later moved about 100 miles away and the vast majority of my co-workers were also white in approximate ration with the surrounding area. Thing is, Companies tend to be so paranoid about being accused of being racist that they actually treat non-white workers better. How am I, In anyway, Privileged by my white skin color?

  • What? This exists?

    I thin it was Morgon Freeman who said it best, "Damn nigga, Dem whites and blacks needs to equal as fuck boyo. " a a a a a a a a a a sd fkasdjfadjsf oajoejrfawjsedofijaoij a9 eeaajs oa siooi ja a ai a a jqje8apdfj ai a a a dado as

  • Melanin shouldn't dictate our place in society.

    Why should only those who are of fair skin be hated and denigrated for what some of their ancestors did hundreds of years ago when everyone's history is filled with blood and slavery? The only reason people say this now is that they are being marginalised on a global scale for no reason that a few manipulative politicians/bureaucrats and their parties.

  • Why on Earth would anyone base morality on skin melanin content?

    Throughout history, White people have definitely caused the most suffering. But you can't group together a race with their ancestors and 'predict' they will act the same. That's ridiculous. They have a similar amount of pigment in their skin - that is the only similarity. The best indicator of someone's behaviour is beliefs: religious, Political or otherwise. Anyone who condemns any person belonging to any race using the argument 'well people of their skin colour did bad things in the past' or 'I have seen those people do bad things on the news' etc need to stop and reflect on how idiotic and irrational that logic is.

  • This is an unnecessary question

    This is a stupid question. Is it ok to be white? If we're born white, How are we to control that? Whites can't exactly, Clap and become another race.
    Whites may be the root of many wars/issues we had in the world, But whites aren't the only ones destroying the world, All races are destroying the world, Every race has a role into the destruction of humans.
    White does not equal privilege. If it does equal privilege, Then where is my privilege? I'm white, And i basically have nothing, No privilege.

    Asking the question, "Is it ok to be white? " Is basically asking the question(s) "Is it ok to be black? " or "Is it ok to be mexican? "
    We don't have a choice of what race we are

  • I think that it's okay.

    Even if whites have been the "superior race" when racism struck, I think that all races should still be treated equal. I get it, Whites screwed over the rest of the races earlier, But that was before the world knew better. That was before it was common knowledge that all races were equal. Despite all of their issues, I feel like whites should be granted equal rights to Asians, African Americans, And everything in between.

  • 25% jews and niggers are against whites rofl

    Why would it be. White race been proven to be the best. Even genocided we brought amazing stuff to the world that otherwise it would never exists.
    The rest of the world benefits from it and they even want to fenocide us for no reason, Specially jews.

    Long live To Tesla!

  • Are you asking if i'm racist

    To all those who said "No"
    Let's say there are 2 people in the world. Amy (F) and Bob (M).
    Amy and bob each have a child. Charlie (F) was born to Amy, And Daniel (M) was born to Bob. Bob then kills Amy. Both Daniel and Charlie start hating Bob. Amy Charlie also hates Daniel, Because bob was a boy, And he was bad, So if Daniel is a boy, He must be bad.

    Sounds so unfair right?
    Well let Daniel be white people, Charlie be you idiots, Amy be your ancestors, And Bob be white peoples'.

    To summarise:
    Saying that it's not okay to be white, Is akin to saying that people who are white don't deserve to live. That makes you as bad as hitler.

  • Of course it is

    It is definitely ok to be white and it is racist to state otherwise. My skin color has nothing to do with my value to society. Why would it not be ok to be white? This just doesn't make any sense. Someone please explain this to me. I don't understand.

  • Is indeed say yes on such a topic.

    People are born to a certain "group" upon which they are regarded for based on subjects to which any individual has no choice to enact upon. Being of Caucasian descendent is a non-negotiable trait to which certain people have, Yet now we are deliberately attacking said populus based upon the value of their ancestry, And not of their character. Let us make a hypothetical

    If the individual pictured above were to have a son, Would we judge him based upon his father?

  • Because of that German dude, No

    What has the little phallus contributed to society? Rape, Genocide, Slavery, WWI, WWII, Iraq War, War on drugs, Native American genocide, Agent Orange in Korea, Vietnam, White phosphorus and depleted uranium as warfare, Lead poisoning in flint, Colonialism, Imperialism, Afghanistan war, Creation of the Mujahideen, Creation of eugenics, NAMBLA, Etc

  • Whites are destroying themselves.

    You went from conquers of the world, Holding all of Africa in the palm of your hand. . .

    To a band of raving stoners and lunatics that saw off your dicks or twist your vaginas into phallic shapes because you've become convinced you were born in the wrong body. Aside from that, Gay buttsechs.

    You went from conquers of war, Crusaders of old. . .

    To a bunch of pussies that want to disarm yourselves and others simply because you're too cowardly to live in a world where unexpected death exists.

    You turned your back on faith. . .

    And exchanged it for another faith-driven set of doctrines - modern "science" and socialism - each of which are manipulated by those that invest the most $$$money$$$ into each. Hence why green energy became such a good investment before crashing like a rock (Solyndra) ;)

    Whites are, And have been, Destroying themselves, Because they have been taught to hate themselves. So no, It's not OK to be white right now, Because humanity is currently witnessing a race impose upon itself a genocide of epic proportions.

  • I say no

    For 600 years your people have messed up the planet for everyone. You gave opium to the Chinese. You invaded other continents you pollute the oceans and kill all the animals. You say that your are businessmen but I say you are a marauders and opportunistic liars that want to rob or steal and shoot first.
    If the native had guns your evil nation of America would not exist. Then you put the blame that every ethnicity but the white are savages. Your ancestors brushed their teeth with urine and eat mummies and avoided bathing. They died of plague because they were nasty. You want to blame immigrants for viruses and outbreaks but you are the real culprits.
    Enjoy your illusion of superiority because even with all of that stolen wealth your people are going backwards. Backwards in health and education and technology. In your last attempts of control you will try to destroy the planet rather than to lose it.

  • It is NOT OK to be White as long as there are Jews.

    We Jews want a world of our own that can control. Jews will look like destroyers of the White race because we influence every facet of culture lifestyle and racial politics. We occupy a disproportionate role in the mainstream media that talks about a few mass shootings to disarm the White population and political correctness to sensitize White people to the made up socioeconomic issues of minorities that they have no way to fix. They cannot fix them because our mission is to mass flood third world immigrants to take up jobs and most importantly replace the White population for refusing to go into debt. The only way we can survive and maintain our political career is to financially burden people with debt. If Whites are learning to game the pyramid scheme we forced on them we lose power. Third World immigrants are new to the system and very impulsive buyers that cripple them into debt.

    White people believe they're being genocided for the sake of being genocided. The reality is that White people are a threat to the wage slave system since they provide high professional labor that many of our enemies would demand work from. I'm sorry White people but you are too much of a problem. We had to push advertisements that signal the benefits of race mixing and interracial couples. Have you noticed there is an uptick in advertisements using biracial children? We do this to grab a larger pull of consumers and not just one large group of people. Whites race mixing is a good thing for Jews.

    On an unrelated note Jews in academia determine what is being taught in public schools. We have undermined the value of homeschooling so more suburbanites are willing to let their child receive our form of biases within historical studies. You might not know this but Jews had a disproportionate role in slavery across history not just American slavery. Now you know why White guilt is a thing. We manage to push this Jewish guilt onto Whites so they feel the need to provide reparations and sympathetic to black incompetence. It doesn't stop there. We have overtaken social sciences to better disseminate our ideas. We let non-Jews push our ideas for us so less researchers and students are prone to believe Jews are influencing this field. Again: I am sorry Whites but we need to destroy you and make you think you're destroying yourselves. Jews need to say they're White so we don't get any antisemitic flak. Did you ever wonder why many Twitter anti-white rhetoric people are just Jews trying to play the White card? Well, Now you know.

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