• What if there's no chemistry?

    Of course it's ok to have sex with someone you're not (yet) married to. It helps to bond and to get to know each other better, to trust each other. And another pro: you get to find out whether this person is really right for you (in a sexual sense). Just imagine marrying someone only to find out that there is no real magic between you after al...

  • It is okay and healthy to have pre-marital sex.

    Although I do not agree with 'casual' sex, I think it is not only okay but actually a very good thing to have pre-marital sex. Marriage is forever, and sex is a very big part of it. It is important to know what you are getting in to before you marry someone. Otherwise you may marry someone who has a sex drive or sexual interests that are not compatible with yours and then you are stuck.

  • It Is Okay, But Not Always Wise

    I have no moral qualms with having sex prior to marriage. However, waiting until marriage has its benefits. Sexual issues that rage in society - sexually transmitted diseases, unwanted pregnancies - have little to no impact on those who wait until marriage to have sex, as you are unlikely to have an STD as a virgin and pregnancy won't happen until marriage. Add to this the fact that several studies have shown those who wait have MUCH lower rates of divorce than society at large, and there are compelling reasons for some people to choose not to have sex until marriage.

  • Yes. Yes. YES YESSSSSS!

    Of course its OK. Sex is a pretty crucial part of any relationship, marital or otherwise. Its important to know what or who you're getting into for the sake of compatibility. YEs, sexual compatibility is important, and to suggest otherwise is to not understand relationship dynamics.

    Its important to connect with your partner on an intimate, deep and hard manner.

  • It's healthy and beneficial

    Sex is a normal human function with many benefits for a healthy and positive life. As a Christian, I believe that sex is best in a long-term monogamous and caring relationship. I don't necessarily like casual sex because love and caring make sex so much better. Just respect your sexual partner and be safe. Sex is also important in determining marital compatibility - since marriage should be a lifetime commitment.

  • Updated view !

    For all the people vehemently against abortion for religious reasons.
    First of all, Your religious beliefs should not be forced upon anyone else ever
    Secondly, the reason the idea of sex after marriage became a religious belief was because before contraception sex meant a baby.
    However today from the past few decades contraception has been cheap and readily available. So the idea of having to save sex till after marriage is redundant

  • Not having pre-marital sex is a choice and often a religious choice.

    If you are religious and in your religion it says that you should not have pre-martial sex and you believe that, then that's okay. You don't have to have sex before marriage. But what about people who aren't religious? Who don't believe in sin(s) or God(s)? Surely then it is acceptable for them to do what they want, including pre-marital sex. In most modern societies today, it is perfectly acceptable to have pre-marital sex. It's a personal opinion, but I just don't see the problem with it.

  • Today's World Allows Pre-Marital Sex

    Gone are the days of nixing pre-marital sex. For the majority of young people pre-marital sex is a common thing and an option that is rarely hashed over. While avoiding pre-marital sex in the past decades was common, it has become quite uncommon recently. Today's worls is all about sex, selling sex, and promoting sex.

  • Its definitely a sin

    Pre marital sex is a sin. God bans it and its definitely in the bible. You have to be married first. If you are having premarital sex and you die suddenly , you could end up in hell. So yeah you definitely need to be married first and then sex later.

  • It is beneficial to wait until marrige to engage in sex

    The idea that sex is only for pleasure has a dangerous consequence of objectifying humans, as a means to an end. In addition, multiple sex partners could be costly in terms of health costs because of the increased prevalence of STDs in our society. the only way to ensure not getting an STD is not to have sex and to have sex with only one partner.

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