• But of course

    It's ok to hit ANYONE under the right circumstances, if someone is threatening me or my family I hit them, if they hit me I hit them back, gender doesn't matter ''but women are physically weaker'' then perhaps they should use common sense for a moment and not hit a man who is stronger then them, if a guy who is all muscled insults me or pisses me off I'm not going to hit him because I know he will own my ass, same with women, don't hit anyone and expect not to be hit back, it's common sense.

  • Women cant act correctly unless they have been smacked around a few times

    Open hand leaves no marks. Women are bitches and should be treated as such. If you have taken your woman to the store and she has started acting poorly what do you do you scooby dooby doo? You tell them to be quite now if they continue what do you do you hang your head in shame , you scooby dooby don't hit them why? If you were to bring your dog say Scoobert Doo, and he started barking you would shush him, after multiple announces you would hit that dog. Why I say cant you do that to your woman they are both your property and therefore you have the right to do what you want. This arguments is mainly for those married to the bitch, if you are dating its is inhumane and cruel

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