• It's absolutely ok

    Yes, It is perfectly ok to kill your kids. These annoying assholes have it coming to them when they scream and whine all day and draw on the walls, Death is the only fair punishment for putting these gremlins in their place. Just look at them, They're horrible. They're gross, Loud, Obnoxious things.

  • Of course it's ok to kill kids

    Kids are annoying assholes that need to be put down. Nobody really likes them, We just pretend that we like them, Most of the time we just want to grab them by the necks and shake them around a bit until the shut up. Honestly children are gross dumb and weird and deserve to die.

  • Only with a beheading

    Im all for killing kid but they gotta have the head lobbed off through a athentic 18th century gilatine. Any other way is treason and should not be aloud. Do you agree of course you do ur not a fagget or queer or nigger. Libtard distroyed. Ben shaprio aids cancer

  • Absolutely, Utterly Fine!

    It is a stress-relieving exercise to kill kids, And is the cure to illnesses such as depression and anxiety. A suggestion would be to do so while playing fortnite, Like pineapple on pizza, But better!
    Furthermore, I cannot believe the cons are so triggered by the pros. It is a joke so stop taking it seriously. No one on the pro side agrees with this, So calm your tits. :)

  • Definitley its alright

    All kids should die. Im a kid and i believe that kids are annoying and deserve to die reeeee reeee reee reee rreee reeer eeereeee reee reee ree reeeer eeee ree ree reeeeee rere ee rrfhjbdvuibd reeee reeee reeeeeee reeee reeeee reeer eee reeer ee ree ree ree ree ree

  • I am a kid

    I would Love to die its just very difficult being the high quaility memerr that i am and dieng would be such a relief so please anyone out there trying to kill a kid please come to 123 real stret at detroit michigan neaar the school by a burned down house, Please rape then kill me.

  • Of course it's ok.

    I hate children; in fact, I despise them. I completely understand if you would like to murder child. They are annoying completely unfluffy bastards. We HATE childs. COME RUN WITH US NOT AGAINST US! WE HATE THEM! WE HATE THEM! WE HATE THEM! MURDER THEM! NOWWWWW! Especially ones whom play fortnite.

  • Just as It's not Ok to kill anyone

    You should not be able to kill kids, Just as you should not be able to kill anyone else. Kids are valuable members of society, As they could grow up to be scientists that cure cancer!

    Murdering is not good in any way, So it's not okay to kill kids, And not be able to kill others. It would be unfair, And the penalty would probably be death. If it's worth your dignity and death to you, You're a horrible person.

  • Children's are the reason for happiness

    Childrens are the reason that we smile laugh sing and dance. If you give the LOVE they are MISSING and give them THE RIGHT EDUCATION then they are the greatest kid any couple could have LOVE THEM. CARE TO THEM. BE KIND AND GENTLE. FOR WE ARE ALSO KIDS OF A COUPLE. . . . ❤️❤️❤️

  • It kinda depends

    See the thing is it depends
    if u wanna kill ur children go ahead but then u have to go to jail and this and that so just don't kill them leave them alone
    if they wanna annoy u tell them to f off and if they don't then give them some money and theyll go
    and spoil ur kids coz thats the right thing to do let them live their life they have a life too!
    And also don't be annoying to ur kids coz the next generation won't take bs just saying and just warning stay safe hehe

  • It is already OK, But not moral

    It is already "OK" to kill kids if they happened to be located in the womb. However, It is wrong and immoral to kill kids of any age. Some progressive thinkers have already committed themselves to killing kids as infants or toddlers if they turn out to be unwanted or troublesome. Is that the direction we are going?

  • Just make them slaves

    I was going to say that you should kill kids, But I realized that your kids are very good slaves. I have already made my three kids work for me with no pay whatsoever. They cook, Clean, Massage my feet, Buy groceries, Pay my taxes, And everything I should do. If they refuse I whip them until they start working. They go to bed at 11 PM and wake up at 5:30 AM, And they don´t go to school since I plan to make them do everything for me until they all die. And if they all die, I can adopt more. So, Keep your kids alive and enslave them for life instead.

  • Hmmmm m m. . .

    YAll dang DAwgs. Yall were once kids. And goddang it. You guys don't know nothin'. YOU GUYS WERE ONCE KIDS YOURSELF YA KNOW. ALSO, Fortnite is the best and I play pokemon go every day. I liek to drincc bepis wiff ma doge. YOu right. This generation sucks. BUT don't kill de kidss. ALso:
    yOur AcTiOns hAvE cOnSeQueNceS

  • Um. . . . You guys were/are kids once

    So. . . You know that if you didn’t have kids then the world would be WAY underpopulated? And. . . Everyone would die? So if you are saying yes, You are basically killing the human race. Kids are our future! Do you really want to kill the kids? This might not be a serious question, But you shouldn’t even be asking it. Sheesh!

  • Never murder children or babies

    Try murdering yourself but not the kids. They rare gems that are given by God. They are the future generations of the world. Some times they can be a pain in neck. But they are also the relief in neck. Seen babies and children will make you cheer up. For the voice of kids I speak for not to murder them!

  • It is not ok to kill anyone

    Killing anyone is bad, And even worse, A child. Why should you? Yes, They can be annoying, But if you are a parent, You need to deal with that and if you can't there are always other options like adoption. It a lose-lose situation anyway, Someone dies, And you go to jail for the rest of your life.

  • You really should not be killing people anyway

    Killing anyone is bad, And even worse, A child. Why should you? Yes, They can be annoying, But if you are a parent, You need to deal with that and if you can't there are always other options like adoption. It a lose-lose situation anyway, Someone dies, And you go to jail for the rest of your life.

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Razzie says2018-10-05T18:41:36.570
No no no no way is it okay to kill children, You were once a child and you know how its like to just want to live a little this is definetley not okay! They have a future