Is it ok to normalize pedophilia and sexualize children just because it is fictional? (animations, Games and drawings etc)

  • If people are okay with watching explicit animations and reading sex comics, Why frown upon fictional pedophilia?

    In retrospect, People may confidently assert that "drugs should be made illegal because they do more harm than good", Yet tobacco and alcohol too often do more harm than good, But for some reason, Aren't currently illegal. If people are already reading explicit comics and consuming other erotic products, Then they already endorse eroticism, Which fictional pedophilia is a part of.

    Therefore, Why pretend to be something that you're not?

  • No, Definitely not!

    I'm an anime lover, However I have never supported this. Children should be children, And not subjected to this kind of stuff. Just because they 'look over 18' or have prematurely developed bodies does not mean they're to be sexualized like that! Sometimes, In real life a minors body happens to be slightly more developed than the rest of their age group. However some anime take it ridiculously far, To the point where its absolutely sickening. Stop sexualizing kids!

  • Not really but. . . .

    Dear god. It's not. Not at all. However, People use it as an exuse that 'it's anime. " it's slowly teaching kids/adult/teens that it's okay as long as they "look 18" or "it's a trap, Don't worry guys. "

    It's not okay but it's happens so often in so many animes not many people care anymore. If it happens in an western show then it's suddenly 'bad for children' but anime can slip right through. If someone asked you, You'd say no but if you saw it in anime then a weeaboo would say otherwise.

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