Is it ok to separate religion from everything in our daily life?

Asked by: ark200
  • It is meaningless and root of all evil

    Religion divide us. It will lead us to fight with each other. It will prompt us to lie, cheat, do jihaad or dharmayuddha (hindu jihaad), honor killing etc. so it must be separated from our life. It labels us and create unnecessary, ridiculous trouble. So it must be cut out from our life.

  • Of course it is okay - but is it possible?

    Free expression is important. Many people are religious. As long as they are not interfering with other people's rights, then I am all for their freedom to express their religious beliefs and practices.

    It would likely be better if such things were kept personal. As in the business world, things go better when you avoid sex, politics, and religion as discussion topics. But I would rather people have their freedom of expression rather than have it banned, as much as I think life would be better if we did avoid the topic.

  • Religion is based on very old books

    Religion is simply outdated, at the very least compared to the western society. Religion is something people who are in need believe and pray to, simply because they need something to cling to. Personally I think it's a bad idea to cling to it, because you really should help yourself, instead of waiting for a 'god' to do so.

  • Religion serves no purpose.

    I will say that is damn near impossible to completely separate yourself from religion since it is practically everywhere, but it isn't needed in society anymore.

    The main argument I see is that religion serves as our moral framework, if that were actually true than I honestly worry for all those that belong to a theistic religion. It would indicate that you are unable to come to your own conclusion that killing people is wrong and require some 2000+ year old book to tell you how to live your life. Even worse, they will state that their holy book is the moral framework of man, yet there are several accounts of brutality and savagery in the same book that is supposed to be good.

  • Religion is Obsolete

    Religion fosters intolerance of others, creates unnecessary guilt, has and continues to impede scientific achievement, and is simply a waste of time and money. We as free thinking individuals should be able to question the absurd customs of religion, and look only to logic and reason.

    A time when religion was center of our lives was the Dark Ages. A time when secularism was more focused on was the age of Greece, Rome, and the Renaissance. Which time do you prefer?

  • Just how are you going to do this?

    I mean to rid the world of religion you would have to have a mass genocide. You can not simply make every one do what you want.
    I believe, actually know for fact, Christianity does far more good than bad. Disaster relief, feeding the hungry, teaching sustainable farming and erosion control in places no one else will go.

  • Misrepresentation of People

    Religion is a moral framework for 5 billion people living in the world. Religion can be easily manipulated into something that it is not. Religion can give a good moral character that would separate us from the Darwinian time. We should support morality, because religion gives a solid moral foundation.

  • From some things but not all.

    I agree with separation of church and state, separation from religious teaching and school and maybe even separation of religion and public places (ie x-mas music playing in a government building).

    I also think it is good to have multiple principals and that religion shouldn't be the main thing in your life (just like your gf, school, parents or a job shouldn't be the main part of your life).

    Yet you would look like quite the hypocrite when you go to church each day and preach about say virginity and then go sleep around. Your beliefs should effect your conscience or why have them?. Your conscience should effect your daily life, weather you say hello to a stranger, whether you return that wallet, or whether you listen to your parents.

    No i am not saying that atheists are not moral.

  • No, it is our basis of moral character.

    Our religious beliefs are our guiding principles and should be lived each day. You are either that at all times or not all. It is not something that can be turned off and on when convenient. What you are arguing is against religion in general, not this topic.Your view thereof is also based on the minority of those who claim to act for the stated religion.

  • It is meaningful and the root of all goodness

    Religion connects us. It will lead us to to unite with each other. It will prompt us to be charitable, virtuous, thoughtful, compassionate, selfless etc. so it must be connected to our life. It gives us identity and creates necessary, sensible order. So it must be included in our life.

  • Source of morality, helps lots of people

    Religious groups are huge supporters of charity. Religion gives people balance, peace of mind, spiritual fulfillment and good moral values to people who follow it, whether it be the teachings of Christ, Buddha, Allah, Moses or another loving deity. Not everyone follows a religion or even cares about, but to remove from everyone's daily life is wrong. If people want religion in their life that is their right.

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