Is it okay for a white rapper to say the N-word in his songs?

  • Yes, it's fine for a white rapper to say the N-word in their songs.

    Using the word is not considered racist if you're using it to address a friend with the letter 'A' at the end instead of the 'ER'
    African American citizens call each other that and even white friends that. Just because something may be offensive to one person does not mean that it is offensive to everyone. People honestly need to stop being butt hurt over it.

  • Just a word

    I rap and I feel like I'm colorblind race wise, so I feel like when I use the word n**** its used to mean a friend or a person its not used to discriminate a race or to hate on anybody or any of that, its just cuz its such a highly used word in hip hop and pop culture that is hard for white people to make a rap song without using the N word

  • It's a word

    Words have no inherent meaning. Their meanings are based on how we define them, the context in which they are used in and the various connotations surrounding them. If a white individual chooses to use that word without any malicious intent, there is nothing wrong with that. If you wish to live in a color blind society, you cannot be racist with respect to words.

  • It sounds better for rap centric artists.

    Yes, I think the N-word has a special case where the people who can tolerate N-words in
    music are already accustom to it so it has zero stigma sounding it to them.

    It's the outsiders from other genres like smooth jazz and country and western music to watch out for.

  • Yes,it is okay for a white rapper to say the N-word in his songs.

    Yes,it is ok for a white rapper to say the N-word in his songs.There is such a thing as freedom of expression.Another thing to consider is that the white person is using the n-word in the context of rap which is known for all types of expletives that may be offensive to people.

  • Ignorance is deplorable

    Nobody should use that word. We have fought so hard ad a society and are still fighting to get past the historical injustices towards black people. People who use that word are ignorant of the sacrifices of our forefathers and need a lesson in history. Nobody should use that word.

  • I agree that no one should use it.

    It is an offensive word that has degraded African Americans through history. Do you think they like to be called that? Back during slavery and even in segregation times, that word was used when they were lynched, whipped, chained, and beaten. It is an insult and hinders the respect of African Americans. I mean, you didn't even type out the whole word, you just typed "n-word". That alone answers your question.

  • No, Nobody Should Use That Word

    Actually, it’s not okay for a rapper of any race to use that ugly word. It recalls
    centuries of violence and hatred, evil thoughts and deeds that still continue
    in countless forms. It would be good for America if we could all stop calling
    one another names, whether we think those names are cool or not. White rappers
    who talk like that do it to popularize themselves with shock value, or because
    they foolishly believe they are someone they are not.

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