• They have the right to enforce laws as they see fit.

    Their countries, their laws, their business. Stop trying to impose western style secularism allover the earth and just allow the countries that disagree to do so. If they need to imprison atheists or even worse to uphold their traditions and morality than so be it, it is none of our business and no country has the right to force them to allow atheism.

  • Yes, countries can imprison atheists.

    A country can imprison atheists because countries can imprison anyone, regardless of their religious beliefs, if the person imprisoned was convincted of a crime. No person of any religion is above the law and therefore above serving time for a crime. It is only not okay if the country is imprisoning someone just because they are atheist.

  • Not In an actual society

    A true society takes into account the opinions of all its members and attempts not to discriminate because as people get older they're ideals or beliefs may evolve. To imprison someone for a belief means to deny them freedom of thought and expression. That's known as a cult, not a society.

  • Simply because a person is an atheist? No.

    Someone's religion should not be the reason they go to jail, doing a crime is the reason someone should go to jail. Prison should have nothing to do with religious views. Now that is a simple answer to a fucked up question. I I I I I I I I

  • Religious freedom should protect all faiths, including atheism

    By definition, atheists believe that there is no god. No matter the faith, people should not be imprisoned for their beliefs. Cultures are powerful, and strongly influence laws and traditions, but any law or tradition that punishes a person due to their beliefs is simply a bad law or tradition, and the culture needs to change.

  • Of course not

    Incarcerating one for their religion, or lack there of, is pretty vile and subhuman. Theocracies are archaic, and any modern countries politicians, corrupt as they may be, would laugh quite thoroughly at this notion. You can't prove someone's theological or spiritual ideas, anyways, so how would you go about imprisoning one for a belief without it being entirely speculation?

  • Seperate of "church" and state

    Religion is quite a touchy subject and there are many countries that believe only specific religions are legitimate - that these religions can make or break a person's life. Religious or spiritual views should never be basis for imprisonment, no matter how different they may be. If a person is causing no harm to another living being and remain civilized in their practices, or lack thereof, then there should be no reason to punish them simply because their views are different.

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