• I Have No Problem With It

    I see no problem with a doctor recommending pot to a patient. Marijuana has a bad wrap but can be used to help a lot of people. If someone has an eating disorder or chronic pain then they should be able to use it. We shouldn't question a doctors decision when helping patients.

  • Yes It Can in some cases,Really Help

    Doctors who believe marijuana will help patients should be allowed to recommend this. It can really help alleviate horrible pain and stressful symptoms of many diseases. It can also ease nausea for cancer patients dealing with chemotherapy. And to top it all off, pot may actually have cancer-fighting properties in it.

  • No, not until there is more science behind it.

    At this point medicinal marijuana is somewhat of a joke. In states that allow it, you can find doctors that prescribe it for a whole slew of symptoms, sometimes merely because the patient says it helps. Until it's medicinal effects are studied and there is some standard dosing system, marijuana should not be prescribed or suggested as medicine.

    That being said, it is somewhat difficult for marijuana to even be researched right now as many countries outlaw it. Those standards should definitely be relaxed, as many doctors do recognize some of the benefits and would like to study it and determine which compounds in marijuana are beneficial in treating which symptom.

  • No, it is not

    A doctor, unless they can legally prescribe pot, should never recommend it to a patient. A doctor should never recommend something that is illegal. There is also a thin line of what the patient would even be using it for. Besides that, the doctor should have other options for the patient and not encourage them to go and do something illegal.

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