• The "El Chapo" name can be trademarked without problem

    I think it is a great idea to want to trademark the name "El Chapo", it is a name of a character in the history of the world, they can do movies or other merchandise with that name if they want. I think it should be allowed because it's not public-domain.

  • No, it is completelly unacceptable.

    An egomaniac obsessed with the border hell bent on having his name on everything. We are talking here about one criminal, drug dealer who promoted criminal lifestyle. It is unacceptable. What message do we send to young people with that trademark? That it is ok to be a criminal ?

  • It is unethical

    Due to El Chapo's history and what he represents, that would be against American Values. However, to make the argument stronger, Would we want to trademark Hitler, what would be the effects on others people be with a person wearing a Hitler apparel? If El Chapo represents tyranny and oppression, should it be allowed to be publicly viewed if it makes other uncomfortable?

  • It is not okay for El Chapo's name to be trademarked

    Although the figure of "El Chapo" may be a big name and someone that is recognizable, we are giving attention and power to those who do no good in the world by allowing the name to be trademarked. Those who have contributed to the world in major, helpful ways should be allowed this attention but we should not continue to support negative behavior and actions by allowing a man like this to trademark an image or name.

  • No, it is unethical.

    To trademark a person's name should only be done by that person for legitimate business purposes. For a notorious drug dealer such as El Chapo to have his name trademarked by anyone, even his family, would mean that someone is profiting from his crimes. The term for this is "blood money."

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