• Leggings are pants

    If i want to wear leggings i should be able to wear leggings!!! I am 14 years old and im not trying to be sl**ty i want to be comfortable bc i sit for 8 hours a day and i dont want to be stuck in uncomfortable jeans!!!!!! If i want to wear leggings i should but i cant bc boys like to stare!!!!!! Instead of making girls cover up how abt teaching boys some respect!!!!!!!!!

  • Why shouldn't they!

    They keep you warm, they are confortable... Plus, they are in fashion and many people go out with leggings. At least they aren't going out wearing nothing at all! It's just like thin, tight jeans. Just think about them as thin, tight jeans. Whats so big of a deal for a girl to express herself with her own style?

  • But is doesn't look good

    I wouldn't wear them by themselves, but that doesn't mean that other people can't dress in ways which I don't like. To me, it looks really silly, like you're only half-dressed. Can't you dress with some decency? In direct sunlight, the leggings become see-through; I would find it extremely embarrassing if I know that my pants were see-through!

  • It's my money if I want to buy them and wear them that's what I'll do!

    The teachers at my school try to send girls home for wearing leggings but I see it as them focusing on the wrong thing. They worry more about our clothing than learning. If they have a problem with us wearing it why don't they go out and buy us some clothes because if I pay for it I'm damn sure gonna wear it. It's becoming out of hand just do your jobs and teach and stop being hypocrites.

  • They are pants

    The definition of pants is a garment that covers your legs all the way until your ankles, so um yeah leggings are pants. As long as they aren't wear bright ass underwear you can see, leave it alone. You can have your opinion, but if leggings make people comfortable, quit being jealous the world doesn't revolve around you. Thanks.

  • YES they are

    Because they just are. If they are nice and not holey and they are thick, they should be able to be worn as pants. If they are inappropriate then you shouldn't wear them, people should have atleast some common sense as to if they are appropriate or not. Like me.

  • Of course its for Attention, but that's ok.

    Leggings on a woman who accessorizes them properly, perhaps with a nice sweater, and funky foot ware are wonderful. Properly made up hair along with a smart jacket and some unique jewellery make them very sexy. I love them, they look great on my lady, love to have her on my arm.

  • By definition they are fucking trousers

    I am so tired of people slut shaming me for wearing leggings. Firstly, learn the definition of a slut. Secondly, i am not wearing leggings to make your dick hard. Do you honestly think that through everything we wear we are trying to please you? No. Now i know that a sexual thought can come to a mans mind when a girl is wearing leggings the same way it can come to a girl when they see a hot shirtless man. Does that mean we have to act on our thoughts? No again. You can have an boner, no one is telling you not to, but dear god dont' act upon it and give the excuse that it was her leggings. Yes there may be woman out there wearing leggings because they think they look sexy and may want to show off their curves by wearing them. But does that give people the right to call them sluts. Ha no again. You barely ever ever see girls cat calling young hot males because they are shirtless. How can we expect equality of the genders when ignorant people an seem to get their arse out their heads and realize women can dress the way they want, the same way men can dress as they want.

  • Leggings are pants!!

    Every girl wears leggings and they are comfortable and more flexible than jeans. They arent an undergarment. Also you can excericise in them, sleep in them and do so many fun daily activites in them, they look good and they aren't tights because tights can be see through but leggings are solid

  • Girls and women of all ages wore them as pants in the 90s and no one cared.

    I am 27, and leggings were pants when I was 8 years old back in 97, and no one cared. Leggings as pants is not new. I am 5'0" with a J.Lo booty, and they have always been worn with every top possible. I hardly ever wore jeans (still barely do) since I had issues with how they felt on my legs, and even now it's hard to find a decent pair of jeans that fit. I have ADD and a touch of mild autism. I think the kind with a waistband and thick sturdy material, that's fine as pants. But the flimsy kind need to stay with longer tops, skirts and dresses. To say women don't respect themselves because they wear leggings as pants is dumb. You can still be modest and wear leggings. They are far less revealing than booty shorts.

  • Of course not.

    A few years ago, this was not a thing. Girls wore leggings under skirts/dresses either because it was cold and they wanted to wear a skirt/dress, or because they were self conscious about their legs. Now its simply gotten out of control.

    Leggings aren't pants, and yet people wear them like they are. Some people try to argue that its like wearing yoga pants, except its not at all. Yoga pants are PANTS made for exercising, similar to the use of a sweatsuit. That, however, is another debate. My point is that it shouldn't be acceptable, ESPECIALLY IN SCHOOLS. I don't care how "good your butt looks" in them, wearing leggings as pants is improper and inappropriate.

  • Leggings were never meant to be pants!!

    Leggings should only be worn under dresses or skirts. Otherwise they look messy and inappropriate. I don't know about other people but I for one do not enjoy seeing other girls underwear when they're walking around in the sun. I don't care how "good" your butt looks in them, you look sloppy and like you're begging for men to stare at your ass.. It's just gross.

  • Not always appropriate.

    Women these days are always looking for the outfit that makes them look "sexy" so that they get as much attention as possible. Wearing leggings as pants is not sexy, it's trashy. It is a desperate attempt at getting attention from men by wearing the tightest possible clothing in their closet. I don't understand why women want that kind of attention to begin with. To be looked at as just objects and something for a man to go after. We should try to look beautiful and use our inner qualities for attention instead. But, today's society is more concerned with showing as much skin and curves as possible.

  • A Bad Image

    Leggings/Yoga pants may be comfortable and a good item to work out in, but wearing them in public (other than a gym), especially in a school setting, is classless and inconsiderate of other people. The way these items reveal the nether regions of a young woman's body quite literally says she is looking for sexual attention, whether or not she is wanting to say that. Face it, guys are thinking about scoring with anything warm even without a curvy, tightly clad girl in front of him. Think about how amplified that is when there is. What we are really talking about it how today's society (in general) wants everyone to believe that sex is a freedom (like breathing) when in fact sex is messy, has huge consequences, and can be extremely demeaning when not left for a committed and lifelong relationship. We should be having that conversation instead of demanding that guys should just suck it up when having to deal with girls tempting them by (provocatively) wearing leggings and letting girls believe it is trendy and a right to tempt/offend others by wearing leggings as pants. Leggings were not intended, initially, to be worn as pants. They were designed to be worn under a dress or skirt or long shirt. Cover "it" or resign to putting out, because some "animal" is going to lose control and do something everyone is going to regret.

  • No. I encourage you not to wear them.

    As a man, leggings seem send a sexual stimuli to my brain each time I see them that tempts me to think improper thoughts. While I control my mind the best I can, it is much easier to do so when I am in the company of those who dress in a less revealing manner. Jeggings, tight jeans, and other similarly tight/revealing clothing give me similar stimuli. That being said, I believe that individuals should do what is in their power to combat this issue. Men, I ask you to a. Do what you can to let women know how you feel on this issue in a respectful manner and b. Do what you can to control your mind. I personally chose and memorized several scriptures to run through my mind at these times, although there is also similar power in hymns. Women, I would ask you to a. Ask your men do do a. And b. Above and b. To dress in clothing that respects your beautiful body as a gift from God and refrain from wearing clothing that is tight (i.E. Leggings, jeggings, tight shirts, skirts, dresses, and pants) or revealing in any manner. I promise you that as you do so, you will bless the lives of all you come in contact with, as well as attracting the type of men who will honor and respect you as the beautiful daughter of God that you are.

  • No not decent

    Most wearing the yoga pants and leggings remind me of the little girls who used to wear tights under their dresses...Only these grown women forgot their dresses/pants, or long shirt as well as any sense of decency...Most are sooo tight it leaves nothing to the imagination...As a male friend says...They display their camel toe...Thats sad to show that much in public

  • Thots Got To Chill

    As a young girl growing up in this generation that thinks leggings are acceptable as pants I understand were these girls are coming from. Leggings are soft and comfortable, but if not worn properly can look trashy. Most, not all, but most leggings are see-through so if proper underwear is not worn underneath PEOPLE CAN SEE EVERYTHING. Somethings do need to be left up to the imagination. Wearing something that covers your bottom completely(example: long sweatshirts) is acceptable to wear with leggings. However wearing a crop top with your leggings is not acceptable. Sorry, but no one wants to see your thong. If you want to be taken as a serious and professional individual you shouldn't wear leggings in a way that reveals too much. Wearing leggings with things that cover your bottom(skirts, long sweatshirts, dress, etc.) are acceptable and appropriate. Many girls assume that wearing tight pants is something that guys find attractive. Of course they do their guys, but you shouldn't be wearing them for any guy. Guys probably wouldn't bring home a girl like that to meet their parents either. And for anyone who says that guys don't have an restrictions they actually do. The can't go waking around with their dicks hanging out so why do people assume it's okay to walk around with their asses sticking out of their leggings. How this has become an acceptable idea is beyond my comperhension. There are many other ways to get a guys attention that do not include exploiting your body or any other unreasonable behavior. Leggings are acceptable for working out and being worn with clothing that covers your ass, it's that simple. Oh and crazy thing they have these things called jeggings, legging feel with jeans look and coverage(not see through). I'm just as shocked by this invention as you are. Shout out to thots out there stop being thirsty and go find a talent to impress people besides sticking your asses out in pictures. You're a disgrace to feminists trying to prove that women can do more than just be used for their bodies. Like yeah you can wear what you want, but actually have some respect for your body because if you don't respect yourself enough to dress properly then guys won't either.

  • It is disgusting and EXTREMELY inappropriate

    Wearing these skimpy and revealing clothing is retarded, why the heck do females insist on showing off EVERY curve and EVERY crevice in their body. It completely goes against what Jesus instructs in the bible. If you choose to wear immodest clothing such as leggings, then you are 'choosing' to tempt guys into the wrong way of thinking. I personally think that skinny jeans are okay, as all jeans are made out of similar material; a thicker and stiffer material that hides all the curves and crevices. Whereas leggings are the exact opposite, thin and elastic; making it just like another 5 millimeter layer over your actual skin, revealing EVERYTHING. With skinny jeans, yes they are tight, but they do not exaggerate and put on a show what an arse you have or how well shaped your thighs are. The bible says in 1 Timothy 2:9 "Likewise also that women should adorn themselves in respectable apparel, with modesty and self-control"

  • Not at all

    There are some leggings that are 'designed' to be worn as pants, they are typically of a thicker material than the average pair of leggings. Overall, leggings are NOT pants...And only slim females, with little or no butt at all can get away with wearing them. I work with females who all have very small butts , they wear leggings with shirts like nothing is wrong, I , on the other hand, am a female with hips and a large...If I wore those same leggings, it would be perceived as im wearing undergarments...Which , by the way would be true. M<y point id, the only reason why females can get away with this look in the workplace, or whatever, is because their butts are small.

  • It is immoral.

    You're naive if you think people aren't going to look, And clothes which show off girls' skin/figure are inherently sexual (btw this includes skirts and skinny jeans). These clothes are indecent and if you argue for leggings, You can argue for wearing bikinis on the street or just being naked using the same logic.

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