• Men Can Stay

    I feel that men can stay at home like women do today. When women work while men stay home, women happen to make 10% more money than men which can go towards house payments and bills/taxes. Plus, women have the same rights as men too so it is unfair for men to make their wife's stay at home with their children while men work. I also feel that it is like the men are being sexist toward women. Just because they are women doesn't mean that women have to be the ones to stay home with the children and not work.

  • Yes, it is ok for men to be stay-at-home dads.

    A man has every right to be a stay at home dad. If a man's wife works hard and earns a lot of money, why should he not be allowed to sit at home all day and goof of with the kids. A man has every right to a free ride that a women has.

  • We are pushing for equality, not womens supremacy

    The roles of women being housewives and men being the breadwinners are well outdated. It is now not only accepted for women to go out and have a job, but it is expected.

    Although I don't agree that there should be eithjer a house-wife or house-husband staying at home once the youngest has began school, I don't believe that any judgement should be made based on the gender of the main carer

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