Is it okay for people to feel happy that an evil person died (ex: Bin Laden, etc.)?

Asked by: savvga13
  • Yes! In fact, it's right.

    Evil people are just that. Evil. They serve no purpose to society and harm it with their views, actions, and opinions. People were killed and hurt by bin Laden's policies and actions.

    We should all feel glad he's dead, just as we should feel glad for the deaths of Hitler, Mussolini, and Stalin. To say otherwise is to spit on the faces of their victims.

  • No one has a right to judge you for your emotions

    It is your actions that make who you are. I see it as bad taste to publicly bash someone who has died recently because death almost always impacts the people close them and they may not themselves be evil. But if you can be respectful about it, there is no reason not to be happy, glad, relieved that someone who has cause great suffering in the world is dead.

  • Most defiantly yes!

    When this evil person was alive doing whatever they did to make them evil, they made you sad and or angry. Two emotions one would rather not have had to go through. So when this evil person dies you may not even have the choice whether you want to be happy or not. Sub-consciously your mind might be thinking that no harm can be done by this evil person rendering you just happy.

  • Sure you can

    After Bin Laden died, I'll admit that I was happy that a man who had done so much evil in the world was gone. Unfortunately, happiness about this sort of thing is short lived, because the world will see another man like Bin Laden show up. But it's okay to feel happy if you're happy for the families who have suffered at the evil person's hands.

  • NO no no

    NO no no NO no no NO no no NO no no NO no no NO no no NO no no NO no no NO no no NO no no NO no no NO no no NO no no NO no no NO no no NO no no NO no no . Would be just as evil as them

  • This is evil too

    People who rejoice when an evil person dies are seeking revenge and are out for blood. This is no different than the misguided person who committed all the evil acts in the first place.

    As loving Human Beings we should understand that there are many circumstances which create evil behavior and some are very tragic.

  • He may have been killed, but his ideology lives on.

    In his life, he was evil. In death he is nobody. He was evil because he took away others rights to live. I believe that it is okay to dislike someone who has wronged people you care about, even people you don't know, they are human and every human deserves compassion. As such he has paid for taking lives by having his own taken. Nobody should ever celebrate or be okay with death when dying is not a choice to be made. It just means there's more work to do.

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Overkill says2013-06-14T12:56:00.870
"evil person" is ambiguous.