Is it okay for prospective employers to view applicants' Facebook pages and use that information to discredit their application?

Asked by: collinsfrancis
  • Of Course They Should!

    In the food industry, an employer needs to know the potential of the customer service that they are going to give. I am in the food industry, and there was this teenager who cam in once a week, so I checked his Facebook profile. He cussed up a storm. Now in the service industry, we try to offer a family environment. People always slip up, and I don't want a personality like that to come through.

  • I don't see why not!

    I'd say that the company can use Facebook information in stupid ways, but that's their problem. But Facebook measures people's integrity, and everyone has stupid things on their Facebook so companies should know that one small thing on Facebook shouldn't be a big deal. But again, if they don't realize that, that's the companies problem and they might end up with crap employees. The worst thing though isn't whether they use your Facebook information, but that they somehow see people with a worthless piece of paper in their hand that they call a diploma as somehow more discerning and better workers than those who don't have a diploma.

  • Yes it is

    If you put it on the Internet then it is public and anyone can see it. If you don't want respective employers to see what you do on Saturday night, don't paste it on facebook.

    There is nothing very private about the site, so users should not expect privacy either.

  • Yes, of course.

    Real life example, without Facebook: Let's say you just had a job interview that went really well. However, later that evening you went into a pub and got into a massive fight, one you started by bullying some guy's girlfriend. Your interviewer just happened to be at that pub, too. You get denied the job.

    Facebook just makes such occurrences easier to spot, and if you're bragging about such things, then of course an employer should take it into consideration.

  • No, it's not okay.

    We have to understand that employers are humans and humans aren't very good at not being biased. For example, by interviewing an applicant, the employer can't know whether or not their applicant is homosexual, Christian, Republican, and so on. But these are things they can learn from reading their profiles and could potentially reduce that applicants chance of getting a job even if they were more qualified than others. Individuals should be able to share these details themselves with their friends without it being detrimental to their job search. Further, those who do not use any social networking site would either be at an advantage or disadvantage depending on the situation. Employers don't need to go sticking their noses in everyone's personal lives in order to sniff out a good employee. Good workers were found and hired long before the onset of Facebook.

  • No, not at all!

    People may have had things g on before they went to go get that job. Things could have happened before they even thought about that job. You have to go by peoples appearance and how they handle that interview, not by how they act on the Internet. They may be some flaws to them because nobody is perfect, but that doesn't mean that they don't deserve a job. Yes, people have to be cautious on what they post on the Internet, but haven't you done something that was wrong to say on the Internet? People should not check their profiles unless they give you permission.

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