Is it okay for same-sex couples to adopt ? ( would it have any effects on the children )

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  • It's all in the Upbringing

    Children are usually adopted at a very young age, meaning to say that they are still innocent and have a lot to learn. Good parenting, doesn't matter whether the parents are of same or different gender, will ensure that the child has been brought up well. Therefore we can conclude that internal factors such as familial relationships will not have adverse effects on the child. However this is not to say that external factors, eg; the bullying or teasing of other children, will not come in to play. But that merely reflects the parenting quality of said bullies parents. So it is safe to say that the upbringing of the child does not differ by gender only by quality

  • Same-Sex parents should be allowed to adopt.

    Should same-sex couples be allowed to adopt? With issues in the LGBT grow ever smaller this is one of the questions being asked. Same-sex couples have the right to adopt. Same-sex couples should be allowed to adopt, not just for their sake but they are helping the kids left by their heterosexual parents. Also studies prove that kids with homosexual parents are more accepting and loving to other kids. Kids of same-sex couples are happier and healthier than most kids with heterosexual parents. The children are same-sex parents are more likely to get a better education because same-sex parents plan and save of a baby. They also tend to make more because a lot of homosexuals tend to get higher paying jobs. The children of homosexual parents are happier and more likely to be successful.

  • Yes, it is okay for them to adopt.

    Same sex couples shouldn't be kept from adopting just based off of the fact that they are a same sex couple. If people are worried about it ruining the "perfect family" image, they really need to get it in their head that, in reality, there is no perfect family. Having same sex parents could cause the child to grow up with a more open mind and better tolerance. Just because a child has homosexual parents doesn't mean that they will be homosexual as well.

  • Let's say two men are in love and they decide to adopt a child.

    These men, had they not been homosexual, would have been deemed by society as capable fathers and would not be questioned about their ability to raise a child. So why does their sexuality change people's opinions? Just because they are both men, it does not mean they are unable to raise children like a typical male-female couple. Besides, it is better for every child to be able to live in a loving, caring home rather than an orphanage, and I don't see why homosexuals should be deprived of their right to be parents just because of their sexual preference.

  • Yes, same sex couples should be allowed to adopt.

    I am sure they can raise children just as well as any heterosexual couple can, if not better. The gender of the couple really isn't the issue. The issue is, not whether they should adopt but whether the child would develop in a healthy manner. This comes down to the quality of the parenting, not the gender.

  • Yes its actually good for the kids

    An interesting scientific fact about gay parenting: When a strait couple has a child, the mother gets a rise in a hormone that makes her more affectionate and protective and the father gets more of one that makes him want to protect and provide. When gay people adopt, each parent gets more of both of those hormones.
    Also the kid would probably grow up more tolerant.

  • Yes, It Is Fine.

    Same sex couples are perfectly capable of raising well developed children. In many cases, children with homosexual parents tend to be more open minded than heterosexual parents. The only drawback with homosexual parenting comes when children are not properly exposed to the differences between genders. For example, if a girl is raised by a gay couple, and never encounters a personal, positive female role model, then the development into womanhood can be a more difficult transition. The same goes for a boy raised by a lesbian couple, who never is exposed to a positive male role model, such as a coach.

  • If homosexuals want a child they will get one one way or another

    Homosexuals don't need to adopt to have a child, they can just have someone of the opposite gender help them conceive, This is what Elton John and Neil Patrick Harris have done, instead I believe it would be better for society that they adopt a child who for one reason or another can't be with his or her biological parents.
    I have known homosexual couples who raised children who were heterosexual.
    Studies have also shown that when a homosexual couples became parents portions of one of the brains began to show signs of activity that normally did not in the gender. An example is two gay men, after becoming parents one of them men's brain began showing activity that is normally seen more in the mothers brain than the fathers.

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