Is it okay for teens to have secret social media accounts such as "finstas" and block their parents?

  • It is very okay.

    Teenagers need their privacy. Teens want their privacy. Especially if their parents can just monitor their actions on social media. Teens don't always want to have their social lives chained down by their parents at all times. A secret account would allow them to be free. No one wants to be monitored by their parents at all times.

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  • Social Media is not also known as the "My Parents Suck" safe spot.

    (I'm going to speak about this in a general situation where the teen is totally normal and the parents are not helicopter parents nor are they abusive.)

    Coming from a teen whose mother is friends with him on Facebook and follows him on Instagram, I understand that it gets annoying when a parent sees what you posts and either tells you to "fix it" (a.K.A remove swear words) or just delete it. My mom follows me on Instagram and likes to just walk up to me and casually talk about whatever thing I posted. I get it, sometimes it feels like your parent created an Instagram account just to monitor what you say, and it would just be too rude to decline their request. I actually delayed accepting my mom's follow request for about a month before saying "To heck with it, she probably will never use it" and said yes. Of course, the stuff I mentioned before proves that she has, in fact, used it to look at stuff she likes and at my posts. Except social media isn't about trashing your parents all the time just because they asked you to do the chores, or because they yelled at you about something (no matter how stupid it probably is). It's better to just document your feelings, talk to/text a friend, or just forget about it.

    If you want your parents to just tone it down or knock it off with the whole "monitoring everything you do," then just sit and talk with them like normal people. No need to yell or somehow get into their phones and have them unfollow you or uninstall their app. Just understand that if they agree to unfollow you on social media, they are putting a lot of trust in you to not say anything stupid. If you block them, it'll most likely come back and bite you in the butt.

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