Is it okay for women like Amy Schumer to pose half nude in a calendar?

  • Do what you want to

    I think that it is an exceptional act of confidence to pose nude. People can be really can be really judgemental but who cares it's your body and whatever people think of it your not going to change to please them. She embraces her body and shows it to everyone and that is fantastic. It displays the fact that every body type is beautiful and that we don't need to look like those anorexic girls.

  • Everyone is beautiful, and anyone can do this

    The fact that you are stereotyping a body type as "women like Amy Shumer" is disgusting. Amy is beautiful, and so is everyone, no matter their body size. Kim Kardashian has posed nude for a calendar, so why can't Amy? Everybody should embrace their beauty and anyone can pose nude if they want to. This is a ridiculous question.

  • Celebrating the beauty of all bodies.

    By celebrating the beauty of an imperfect and naturally aging body, Amy Schumer is teaching everyone, but particularly young girls and women, to celebrate and appreciate true bodies. Amy is depending on the intellegent sensibilities of the public to know when they see a real body, not an airbrushed media fed version of a naked body. She is demonstrating that all bodies are beautiful and should be celebrated.

  • Yes, she is responsible of her body and public image.

    Yes, there is nothing wrong when a woman chooses to pose nude. Women should have the right to do anything with their body and public image, without the fear of being criticized as unethical or immoral. Especially Amy Schumer, who is an acknowledged comedian, has already built a public image of a normal, next-door young woman and her photo shooting might have a positive impact to women's public image, in general.

  • Amy Schumer is an inspiration to women

    Yes, it is okay for women like Amy Schumer to pose semi-nude in a calendar. She is not portrayed in a typical fashion, but instead allows her flaws to be portrayed - in an artistic and understated way. The Pirelli calendar features models of different ages and backgrounds. Schumer sends a powerful message by modelling in the calendar - that self-confident women are beautiful. They do not all look the same nor do they have to.

  • Yes, I agree that it is okay for women like Amy Schumer to post half nude in a caldendar.

    Yes, I think it is okay for women like Amy Schumer to pose half nude in a caldendar if they are comfortable with it and feel empowered. I think it is positive that calendars are realizing that there a variety of different types of beauty. It is positive that they are portraying not just the traditionally beautiful, reed thin type of model. Humor and intelligence are also beautiful.

  • Be respectful of your body

    Being a model and posing half nude like that is just weird. You should be respectful of your body why do you think soome women cover up because they dont want people getting the wrong impression of them. I think that she should be more aware and respectful of her body.

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