Is it okay if our parents tell us what to wear and how to dress?

  • They Have Every Right To...

    I am in NO way saying that they should tell you what colors, styles, etc. But what I AM saying Is that some fashion statements are vulgar, provocative, and(or) otherwise inappropriate. In that sense, parents should have control over what we wear. They should be able to guide our choices, and then, when we ourselves are classified as "adults", then we should be able to make our own decisions.

  • It is their rights as parents

    When you are a minor, you are under their care, they make rules for you. They teach you their values. Once you become an adult and go out on your own, you can wear whatever you like, and I am all for that, but until than, you are under your parent's rules.

  • They Want The Best For You

    I'm going to assume we're talking about loving parents with whom you can talk to and have a conversation. They have a reason behind why they may restrict you from wearing something - the reason may or may not make sense but it's coming from a good place.

    Talk to them and find out what their point of view is and you may either understand what drives them or you may be able to change their minds.

  • Everyone has the right to freedom of expression

    My view is that, once you're old enough to dress yourself, you're old enough to wear what you want so long as it's appropriate. For instance, if you want to wear a bikini in Antarctica, you might want to consider listening to your parents' advice on why it might not be the best choice for the situation

  • No it is not

    How you dress is what makes you you and if you get told what to wear then that takes that away from you

    your personalty is in what you where whether your a geek of a cheerleader your out fit tells our own story the story that is us.


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