• Yes it is!

    It's ok to be a brony! People often hate on bronies for no reason. Bronies are basically fans of My Little Pony so they arent any different from anyone else. Even if the show was meant for a younger audience but it is still entertaining for older audiences. If you are a brony dont feel bad even I'm a brony.

  • 👌Why The Hell Not👌

    Being a brony is about the best decision I ever made and i'll tell you why. When I became a brony my social status went up by 50% and it terns out there are bronies at my school. Somehow my parents are okay with the whole brony thing as long as I don't get them involved.

  • They're the same as everyone else!

    Being a bronie Is like being a fan of gossip girls, Arrow and Death in paradise. They're just fans of a TV show! There's nothing more too it, I don't understand why Bronies are picked on or teased about it. There's 6- 12 MILLION BRONIES in the world and all of them are just human beings, I understand why people hate it "Oh the show is for little kids!" And I get it, It's original intentions were for little kids but the show is great and it's popularity among little kids grabbed the attention of older viewers, There's a lot of articles discussing this "Cancerous fans of MLP" and "6- 12 Million pedos of MLP", Most of the fandom are young adults from 15 to 23 and if you hate on this then you are wasting your life my friend, there are millions of things better you can do other then hate about a TV show

  • Of course it is people all over the world still watch cartoons.

    It is perfectly fine and everyone assumes how bronies are from those 5% who go around trolling everyone and being general idiots ruining our names. But in reality it is perfectly fine people watch anime do they not? Let me ask you. If you were the most famous person ever and everyone liked you, would you be totally different from others just because you watch mlp?

  • Yes, it is fine!

    It is of course okay to watch a TV show. Even if you are not in the target audience, you can watch it. It was even created for little girls and their parents so it is made for other audiences other than the main one. People can watch anything that they like to watch.

  • Yep! Just dont let many people know.

    If you get bullied, dont worry about it. Just keep it to yourself and other trusted friends. If it gets out, you could get bullied. But still, welcome to the herd! *brohoof*
    As a brony myself, I like to keep it between my best friend and myself. It is rediculous that people get bullied for watching MLP. It doesnt matter what you watch.
    Happy watching!

  • YUP! It is!

    I think that everyone is entitled to their own opinion! I, personally, like Pokémon better. But I'm also a bronie. I really don't care what others think, and if you do, then you need to btfu and stfu because you don't really matter to others. You can just shove it up your hairy a-...Well you get the idea. Its not a bad thing to be a bronie, and ignore anyone who sis it is because they are just jealous idiots. Jealous of what? Jealous of you being able to be yourself and like what you like without being embarrassed :)

  • It is ok!

    If you are going to hate on something hate on something that is actually worth while like child molestation don't hate on something that has no grounds of affect on other people. I'm not going to hate you for liking Barbies so why do you have to tell me that what I like is wrong. It is a waste of time and energy that you should should put into something constructive.

  • There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with it.

    I, myself, am a brony. I've seen every episode, I know all characters, and background characters, and I write fanfiction. There's nothing wrong with it. The Bible never says we can't like something not intended for us. You could argue that it's an idol, like my parents do, but, to be honest, if I were given a choice, My Little Pony or God, I would choose God, but seeing as I can have both, I will have both. Plus, who doesn't get obsessed over something every now and then? I used to get obsessed with so many things, so why are cartoon ponies any different? When you watch the show, you completely forget about the target audience. The monsters and villains in the show are terrifying, Twilight Sparkle uses big words that not even I don't know the meaning to, and don't get me started on the battle between Twilight Sparkle and Lord Tirek. So, if you're a brony, keep being a brony! If you're a brony supporter, thank you for your support! If you're neutral, I encourage you to try My Little Pony. If you're an anti-brony, please stop, it's not what God would want.

  • Yes it is okay!

    I could go on and on about this. I watch MLP. FIM because it's adorable and funny. Everyone who says "All bronies are gay", or "It's just meant for 7 year old girls", my god. First off, a cartoon does NOT decide your sexual orientation, it's a way you are born. And I have a lot of girls who love terminator, and power rangers, and they don't get judged. Any way you put it, it's totally fine

    Welcome to the herd!!!

  • I picked no because I'm not a Brony

    In my opinion I don't really care if there is bronies or not. But the fact is that My Little Pony is for little kids. I'm not against this brony thing but I'm not with them either. If they are into those stuff then so be it.Wgeb my cousin was a brony, I didn't care as long as he didn't brought these things to be.

  • Why!? Why!? Why?!

    Okay why would you jump into a fandom based around a show that isn't any good? I mean there are literally hundreds if not thousands of other shows that are way better. Bronies came about because of hype. Someone posted a cartoon blog that was claiming that there was nothing "original" any more and then for some reason people took that as a insult and decided to watch some of these "revamps" MLP was one of them. Bronies saw gold colored crap in this revamp of a old idea, because it had "big name stars",the animation was flash, and because it was "created for families". While it could have been a great show that is well deserving of it praise and admiration it gets now. It is owned by hasbro who said "hmm an episode about ponies finding a child raised by deer? HELL NO! That isn't little girl material". There are shows other there though that say "HELL YEAH" to this and other ideas. Which is why MLP and Bronies are stupid and shouldn't be.

  • No it's not

    Since the dawn of man, there have always been brothers who have fallen astray, generally because of bad looks, low self-esteem or just low social status in general. Eventually, Darwin's theory of Natural Selection comes into play and rids the world of the weak and undesirable, whether it be through global warming or two angry teenagers wearing trench-coats and getting back at the kids who were mean to them.

  • It's not a bad thing If your someone who teases people because there a Brony youre a really mean insensitive low class jerk! If people

    It's not a bad thing If your someone who teases people because there a Brony youre a really mean insensitive low class jerk! If people watching my little pony bothers you then stay away. And if you really have the nerve to bully someone about this or anything; you need two things. 1. You need a soul and 2. You NEED Jesus!! No jk about #2😄 but for real do not bully about this its not nessicary and could prevent unnecessary deths by bronies being bullied by you jerks!😡😡😡

  • No more bronies

    I'm okay with people watching MLP, I'm okay with people saying they have watched MLP. I feel like when people discuss bronies, they are discussing the overzealous bronies who shove the show down your throat. If you express any distaste for the show, they instantly assume you are judgmental. I don't care about how amazing the show is. I watched the first 2 to 3 seasons and they were good. But like every other show, they are good the first watch. Then after that it is a rerun. There is no redeeming quality to rewatching the shows. There is no hidden jokes in the episodes that aren't caught the first time through. There are very few references hidden in the show.

    Its a good show, its not worth the fandom it has gained. Watch it once, enjoy it. Move on. The brony fad is ridiculous.

  • It reeks of autism

    If you wish to learn the lessons in socializing, you might as well as talk to your parents or friends ( if you have one). This show only teaches basic skills when it comes to social and the world out there is cruel and heartless. Need a lot more than that to learn from the simplicity of that show.

  • Its really bad

    First of all most of the bronys i run into are male and there is nothing right about being a grown man obsessing over a little girls TV show that also involves obsessing over animals that act like humans, which is disgusting on its own. It shouldn't be enabled at all

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