• Yes, of course

    Over 1,500 species have some form of homosexuality. I cannot fathom how anyone could believe that that is "ab-normal". 1,500...Its normal! There is no proof ANYWHERE that "God" (note the inverted commas) has hunted down homosexuals and "put them to death". If "God" created us in "his image" then surely he is also heterosexual, bi-sexual, homosexual and all the other sexualities. So...YES, it is ok!

  • Of course it is

    There is no true scientific reason that homosexuality is wrong. The anti homosexual people use the same arguments with "God said no!" being at the front of the pack. While there is more and more evidence that homosexuality is natural, and homosexual marriage is becoming legal in the U.S. which is fair.

  • This gay issue is more of a moral issue than per say a biological/ "born this way" issue.

    The science behind homosexuality is very shady. Simply because not enough research is put into it. It seems homosexuality has some sort of biological influence. However biology is not the only factor. It seems that a it takes more than just biology to cause some one to be gay. Even then there seems to be no decisive biological factor that points to a person to be born gay.

    This is a source I found that is a compilation of gay research that shows that gays are not technically born but made. I leave it up to you to judge for yourself it's validity. It is proper scientific data however.


    That being said, it comes down to a moral issue. Should a human being be able to do something that does not conform with the believes of the general society? It's like alcohol/smoking. There is a big divide between those who support it and don't.

    However, those products are widely available for consumption and use. Mainly because it generates tons of revenue for any country. So I would say the argument of homosexuality being acceptable is not about them being born this way.

    That it is wrong to fault them for something they can't control. Rather it could be something that could be prevented. However why prevent it? Since it harms no one? I think that is the issue at hand.

    I personally find it revolting of the idea of homosexuality. Since clearly it does consist of homosexual sexual behaviour. Being heterosexual, I will never be able to force myself to view the world like them.

    However should they be buried underground just because I don't like it? So that ultimately is the question. It is ultimately a moral one.

    Since it's a moral issue, it gives way to dig up other moral issue that are currently suppressed because they do not conform with societies expectations. So the final result will probably have to be a change in societies believe, if the world were to be pro or rather neutral about gays.

  • God loves everyone

    Homosexuality is sin. Homosexuality is a choice. All these crap coming out peoples are bunch of lies. It is proven by science that homosexuality is not a choice. Also homosexuality happens between animals so its a natural thing. Also I thought in so called "bible" it stated god loves everyone. Yes god created homosexuals that way and god loves them that way. If you ask me, real sin is hating other people and forcing them to be what they are not.

  • Yes, it is ok to be homosexual.

    If two people want to be together and they are both happy with that then I don't see how there can be a problem. That relationship does not harm anyone else.

    I know that in the Bible it says that homosexuality is wrong but it is very important to remember that the Bible was written by human beings a long time ago. I have complete respect for anyone of any religion but people must accept that the Bible has faults and contradictions. It was written by human beings and human beings make mistakes. When reading the bible I think it is important to focus on the messages of tolerance, compassion and love.

    Some people claim that homosexuality is unnatural yet scientists have seen examples of homosexuality in over 1000 different species in the animal kingdom. There is only one species that displays homophobic behavior and that is humanity. Homosexuality is natural. Homophobia is not.

    Finally, one more rather ridiculous suggestion that some people make is that homosexuality is a choice. If that is the case then why, in countries such as Iran where homosexuality is punishable by death, would anyone choose to be gay? Yes, it is true that some people don't discover their sexuality until they are adults but this does not mean that they have made a conscious decision, they have made a discovery. As most people are straight, naturally most films, books etc. are about straight people. Most advertising for clothes, fragrances etc. is about straight people. It makes sense that when people are growing up they would assume that they too are straight. It could take a while for them to discover their true sexuality but they do not choose this. If it was a decision that could be made, why would anyone choose to be homosexual in places where homosexual people suffer a lot of discrimination or are even killed?

    Homosexuality is perfectly natural but even if it wasn't I still don't understand people's problem with it. A same sex relationship has no effect on anyone other than the two people in that relationship. Homophobia is completely irrational, unnatural and disgusting. Homosexuality is none of those things.

  • Oh god yes

    Im sick of religeous and homophobic groups saying homosexuality is wrong, i myself am hetrosexual, but i have been involved in threesums where i have had sex with other men, and im proud of it, i enjoyed it, theres nothing wrong with it, and theres nothing wrong woth any of the gay community, i am a man and other men have penetrated me and thats ok, im not attracted to men but other men are and thats ok too, those who disagree, get over it!

  • Yes, it's okay to be gay.

    There is nothing wrong with being homosexual. It is how you are naturally born into this world. Many other species of animals are homosexual. There are even some species that have sex with themselves. Being homosexual is just being a human being that is alive in this world. I see no problem with it.

  • Homosexual is being against gods will.

    I think being homosexual is not okay and it should be illegal as well. God doesn't allow this and I am sure that there are reasons behind Bible's saying. I think being Homosexual would bring disgrace to lots of family and community. Its should be strictly against the law and should be enforced.

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