Is it okay to genetically alter animals to make them more useful to man?

  • It's our world, the animals just live in it.

    I honestly can say that I have no problem with genetic modification of any sort for making items more useful to man. People who say otherwise are just ignorant and displaying their baseless fears of technology, and also suffer from anthropomorphization fantasies when it comes to animals. Better living through genetic manipulation is the future.

  • Yes, humans have been changing animals for ages

    People have been altering animals’ genetic materials for centuries. They have
    used a still respected technique called selective breeding, by choosing only the
    animals with desired characteristics for breeding. Modern domesticated animals
    are far different than their wild ancestors, and gradual alterations in their genetic
    material explain the differences. Many animals have long lived in partnership
    with people, and have gradually changed in the course of this long relationship.

  • In Natural Ways

    I believe, to a degree, it is okay to genetically alter animals to make them more useful to man. Humans have been doing this for years, and when you consider the variety of cats and dogs we've have created it is very easy to obtain proof. I believe we should not modify how we do it. It should be done with selective breeding and natural traits. We should not be doing creative experiments in the lab and creating totally different animals.

  • Absolutely, without a doubt

    We have been doing this for thousands of years. Your house cat? That cat was once a wild African desert cat that was essentially hairless. After years of genetically altering (via selective breeding) we have created an animal that not only rids us of unwanted pests (mice) we have a companion animal that comforts us and brings us enjoyment. We have genetically altered every animal and plant around us that is useful in agriculture. A lot of people think that genetically altered means sitting in a lab making test tube cows that have a milk yield rate 5 times that of a "normal cow." Well your sort of right and why not...We need to make animals produce more per capita so that we use LESS resources. Which will reduce our CO2 output in the long run.

  • It is not fair.

    They have feelings and emotions and they aren't put on this world for us to just use them for our own good. It is basically like slavery. These animals cannot talk and it is not fair to just alter them so we can use them. Would we do that to a human being??

  • Morally, not really

    While I understand the concept of altering animals so that they "beef up" better and can produce more meat individually, I only condone it to the point of it not adding discomfort to the animals. They're not living great lives to begin with, to make them drag around suffering is morally objectionable.

  • Genetic Alternations Negative

    It's not ethical or right to genetically alter animals in order to make them more useful to man. In fact, the effects of doing so aren't completely clear at this point. We might unintentionally be harming ourselves in ways that we aren't sure of yet. Such modifications are misguided at best.

  • We have done enough damage.

    As new technologies have become available, many things have been changes and altered, because of new forthcoming knowledge. However, genetically altering animals to make them more useful is taking our knowledge to far and taking on a "God-like" position. We must think back to simpler times, not 2,000 years ago, but simply 100 years ago. Various groups of people were able to successfully farm and grow crops without the technologly we have today. Instead, they used what nature gave to them, which was animals, and used them in a way to benefit them, which is what we should continue doing. If we begin to genetically alter animals, we will keep replicating them and we may be endangering the species and the natural ones may die out.

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