• Yes of course

    Yes it's okay for them to have phones. They must turn them off or leave them at home for school. Our school doesn't allow phones in school areas. The laws allow no phones for education in the state I live in.
    So I think for emergencies, yes a phone is needed.

  • Having a phone is helpful.

    If you have a phone, sometimes there are downsides. The downsides are that games on phones have been invented, so sometimes addictions can occur. But some of the upsides are that if you have a phone and you are lost somewhere, you can just call a parent or somebody responsible to help you. I unfortunately do not have a phone of my own, but I have a convincing backstory to convince people why phones can be helpful. I was lost at a waterpark without a phone of my own, and my parents were gone for a really long time. When my parents came, I had a very good reason why I should have a cellular phone. In conclusion, having a cell phone is perfectly fine before age ten.

  • Phones can be useful

    Phones aren't always for talking to friends. A kid can use a phone to contact their parent if lost, or calling for help. Let's say I'm in third grade. Me and my mom are in a museum. My mom keeps walking but I am focused on some fossils. Soon, she's gone, and I don't know where she is. But wait...
    TADA!!! I whip out my phone to tell her where I am. She says she'll be right there. But the room is empty, and suddenly, the fossils set on fire. TADA!!!
    I know the end of the story wasn't that realistic, but I wanted to find two examples that could work together.
    Phones can also be used to confirm homework with friends.

  • Only if it's necessary.

    The only reason a fifth grader would absolutely need a cell phone is to call their parents or 911 in an emergency. I was able to communicate with my friends just fine without a phone when I was 10, which wasn't too long ago. So if a 10 year old is receiving a phone, it should be a basic one to be used for calls and (maybe) texts only. Anything more is unhealthy for a child's development.

  • I say Yes!

    I say yes because in about age ten they are in fifth grade and have matured a lot. Having a phone while going into middle school allows the kids to connect with friends and be able to get in touch with parents of family whenever. Age ten is a acceptable age for getting phones to give the kids the ability to connect with family and friends.

  • Okay, But Not Necessary

    Is it okay to have a phone before the age of ten?

    I assume you mean a cell phone, as opposed to access to a home phone. Sure, kids under ten can have a cell phone, and there are some advantages to having a phone, especially in emergency situations.

    However, I don't think that it is absolutely necessary to have a phone before the age of 10. Proper adult supervision can mitigate emergency situations, and many kids with phones already use their phones in less than beneficial ways.

    Kids can get a phone before age ten, sure. However, kids don't really need a phone before age ten, and certainly don't need a smart phone. For example, I had a flip phone until age 18, and only got an iPhone once I started paying for it myself.

  • Children Have No Need For Phones

    A child should NOT have use of a phone, if it's a smart one. There's a lot of websites and videos that are bad and are not suitable for children. Things such as pornography for example may encourage sexual behaviour and will maybe that is why teenagers are having relationships very early. This can lead to teenage pregnancies and will ruin their lives. Is there really any need for it? Also, children should be with their parents other than at school so there is NO need for them. Any parent willing to leave a 10 year old alone in public or at home is not a good parent anyway.

  • Children aren't responsible enough, would kill their creativity/imagination.

    I hate to sound like an old man, but children need to be going outside more and spend less time in front of screens. I'm a millennial and I played outside a lot as a child both with friends and by myself (usually under supervision), whether in the snow or 100°F heat and it was fun 😊. Children aren't responsible enough to have smart phones. They are easily broken and children loose things easily, how can you trust a kid with a phone that can't even tie their shoes? Screens kill imagination, and imagination was the best thing about my childhood and a lot of other people's childhoods. Kids shouldn't be on their butts on a phone or computer all day like a 40-year-old IT guy, they need to play. That's what kids do. Don't trust a kid with something small and expensive that they can easily loose and easily break, and then get mad at them when something happens to it. Treat them like kids, wait until they're 11 or 12 to get them a smart phone.

  • Depends on many factors

    First off, I wouldn't agree to my child having any type of "Smart"phone at a young age. I would rather see my child excel in their education than be subjected and demoted to text messaging as a means of being "social". Now, a flip phone would be more appropriate, because you don't have many of the modern-day features most of us have taken for granted. But I honestly don't see how this is a necessity. We should be more focused on teaching our kids good values and judgement, and get them to stay active, rather than have them glued to their non-existent cyber friends on Facebook.

    Posted by: S.K
  • Look at society today

    Coming from a teen i can say phones cause kids to be less social. Most homes should have a home phone in order to call 911 should the need arrive. In school kids will want to pull their phones out instead of talking to there buddies. Sometimes the conversation can die and instead of gaining social skills they pull the phones out. I have seen this happen and it is sad how much kids think need phones

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