Is it okay to hit a girl? Are a man's rights stolen if women are untouchable in any terms of opposite sex violence?

  • Oh my god yes

    I am a young women and i totally don't think that's right. First of all it's degrading women. Basically saying women aren't strong as men. I also think that it is a huge double standard and it just isn't right. Men and women should have exactly same rights. I'm not saying it's right for a girl to hit a guy but really we may be built differently but we can definitely handle it. We can always call the authorities because it is still abuse, abuse can happen to anyone male or female.

  • The rational answer is yes

    Obviously, for all the reasons ADreamOfLiberty asserts. However, legally, I'll be damned if I'm going to give a woman the opportunity to pull me before a panel of my peers to explain why I was just defending myself with my superior strength and ethical responsibility to enforce gender equality. Ha. This goes back to another interesting debate I saw recently regarding whether the use of violence was a viable means of communication. I want to say yes, because I feel strongly that it is intrinsically valuable to maintain a strong capacity to inflict harm in the name of personal defense and survival, but I think in the long run, in any other scenario, it self defeats.

  • Yes it is OK under the same circumstances it is OK to hit a boy.

    Rights sometimes require the use of force to defend against those who would violate those rights. Since rights are equal men have an equal right to self-defense.

    The tradition or taboo of men not hitting women is an inheritance from chivalry, and generally speaking you should avoid hitting back if you think that you were hit only because the other person lost control for a moment. Honestly I think it's more about men feeling ashamed when they beat a woman, men sometimes (not always) fight just to work it out of their system, they shake hands and make up later. That is seldom the experience after a mixed gender brawl. So fathers tell their sons "don't hit a girl" simply because that has been their experience or the lesson their father taught them.

  • It is gender equality, as feminists constantly call for.

    If a woman attacks a man, she should expect a retaliation. It is wrong to instigate a fight, no matter whether you are a man or a woman. Retaliation to said instigation is simply self defense, and should not be punishable as self defense is human nature. If gender equity is something you advocate for, then this topic should not be a debate.

  • Its completely wrong

    Its wrong for you to put your hands on someone. If a women hits a man,the man just needs to take it,your a man. Its most likely out of spite or anger. Women aren't untouchable, if she goes at you with a weapon you have the right to defend yourself but don't hit her like you hitting another man. And another thing, didn't you mom tell you always keep ya hands to yourself ?

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OhHello says2014-01-29T00:29:45.973
The terms of this opinion poll are unclear. I would say it is not okay to hit a girl, but that it is no more okay to hit a guy. If one were to assume that you mean is it okay to retaliate against a girl, then one would say yes. I would suggest either editing the terms of the poll (if this is possible) or removing it and creating one which can be more easily answered.