Is it okay to know a genocide is happening somewhere in the world but not react?

Asked by: Atlas01
  • I hear a lot of people say they don't want the Us to intervene in other countries.

    But what if a genocide happens in an other country,should we do nothing or should we react ?
    I know that, as some put it, none of our business. But can we let human beings being exterminated ?
    Isn't it our responsibility, as human beings, to defend ourselves ? Even if it means war ?

  • It really depends

    We shouldn't go and stop a genocide if it's a suicidal mission like if nuclear weapons might be involved. But say Rwanda, tiny country no nuclear arsenal committing a genocide. That would've been easy for us to stop and we didn't. We also should've stopped Sudan from their genocide and slavery in S. Sudan and Darfur.

    We should NOT be in Syria. That's chemical weapons, not genocide. If the Syrian rebels were all pro-democracy and none or very very few of them were related to Al Qaeda then maybe it would be a good idea, but there's too much of a risk that we might inadvertently help Al Qaeda take over Syria by helping the rebels just like we did in Afghanistan during the 1980s. Let's learn from our mistakes.

  • No. It's not okay.

    The quality of the world is decided by our reactions to the things in it. If we ignore and excuse genocide, then we're not doing anything to stop it. This means we should expect genocide to happen in the future. It's the same thing with any issue. If you ignore and excuse the issue, there's nothing to prevent it from happening.

    Ignoring deadly, inhuman activity is never the answer!

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