• Religion is hilarious

    I never understood why people get offended when people joke, laugh, make fun and mock a religion. Some comedians can make really funny jokes about religion and it is enjoyable watching them. Some religious aspects seem illogical and it is funny when people point them out. I don't think people should be offended when their religion is mocked.

  • What gives religion the right not to be made fun of?

    No matter what you believe in, religion is JUST A COMMON SUBJECT, a part of personality, just like you would make fun of any other human belief, religion is not an exception. To the "ney" sayers on this subject, just answer this : What gives religion such a power that it is immune from being made fun of? JUST BECAUSE you are emotionally involved doesn't make you right. We make fun of ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING IN LIFE, we even make fun of sick people, and you are telling me that religion, A BELIEF, has more power then anything else? NO

  • Yes it is.

    We can make fun of anything, gender, stereotypes, people of certain races, people of certain ethnicities. Religion should not be exempt from this list. No one should escape the vengeful wrath of irony and wit. Humour should not have any boundaries, and should not have a stopping point. I admit that you shouldn't say intentionally hurtful comments just for shock value, but religion should be laughed at. Bill Maher should be applauded.

  • Nothing is off limits.

    I personally think that one of the greatest thing about our species is our ability to find humour in even the darkest of situations. Its truly beautiful to know that no matter how bad it gets someone somewhere is deriving joy from a situation. I think there is a huge difference between tact and a sense of humour. I know that someone who died in a humourous way is funny but I know better than to laugh about it in front of their widow. But I think that the universe is so harsh that we need to laugh when ever we can and religion falls into that catagory.

  • Yes, it can be perfectly acceptable

    There is room for joking between people of faith, and between people of faith and atheists. Who doesn't like to hear a joke or share a laugh? It's possible to debate without being disrespectful and the same goes for humor. We cross a line when we move into mockery and insults. I believe most people are intelligent enough to know when they are approaching this line. If we cross that line in error there's nothing wrong with offering an apology when we find that a joke was viewed as offensive. We should stand by our convictions but sometime we all need to just lighten up a little.

  • As long as its not intended to offend

    If a person is offended, its his/her's problem. I respect all religions but I must admit religions have some messed up practices that could be quite funny. However, if a person makes fun of a religion to offend well its plain wrong. To me its okay to give your insights about something like religion even in a humorous way as long as you don't take it to "another level".

  • Only in good taste !

    If jokes and the sort are made in good taste without any real animosity, hate or malice behind them then why not ?
    Just like any other thing in the world, religions are free to be judged by anyone regardless of how holy it may be. There would be no religion without humans and humans are subjective beings. Nothing should be free from opinion.
    Instead of taking a well-intentioned joke with offence, take it with a pinch of salt. I mean who doesn't like a good chuckle every now and then ?

  • Of course it is

    When looking at religion, all religions, one should be tempted to laugh. There are thousands and many claim to be "the one true religion." Meanwhile, none of them are based off any real fact or event. Is it ok to laugh at a young person that grew up in a religious household that knows nothing besides their own religion? No, and their parents should be in charge of correcting this problem. But most people chose to continue pursuing their religion no matter how ridiculous it sounds. And we can all laugh at them.

  • Atheism is a non-prophet organisation.

    Comedy is fine, mockery of ones beliefs is not.
    Cynical atheist humour is crass and elitist and makes atheists look conceited at best.
    I think anything is open to comedy but implying people are stupid for their beliefs is pretty unpleasant and certainly will not make anyone reconsider their point of view if anything it reinforces it.
    I am atheist myself but I find it most embarrassing that other atheist feel this is some intellectual license to mock, it is not and peoples Religious beliefs, or otherwise, are to be respected regardless of personal opinion.

  • What happens beyond criticism

    When a human institution gets to a point beyond criticism corruption ensues. We as a species have seen this time and time again in everything from government to religion. When we are allowed to express concern for our society and are allowed to discuss where that threat is coming from we are able to better protect our society and our institutions.

  • Not a Chance

    There are some things that it's okay to joke about: A therapist who calls his patient a Jack Wagon, stupid criminal tricks, or dumb ways people kill themselves. Other things are not okay to joke about: nationality, race, and religion. I'd get in trouble for jokingly robbing a bank, so there ARE some things that are not okay to joke about.

  • No and no

    Humans are idiots. It is a fact proven by the person who asked this question. Of course it is wrong. Atheists, satanists, Buddhists how would you like it if we mocked you and made jokes about you. Gays, how would you like it if Christians went around calling you f*ggots and fairies all the time. God, do you non Christians have feelings?

  • Common sense dictates that you show some respect.

    I don't believe every religion has it right, but I'm not going to act crudely. There is such a thing as civility. It is what divides the educated from the uneducated, those with class from those without, etc. When a person mocks what they don't believe or understand, they show no signs of civility. Their actions say far more about their own level of ignorance and/or lack of upbringing than their jokes convey about the subject, i.e. religion. Likewise, if an individual chooses to not believe in anything ... It is their right. They too deserve respect. When a believer, of any faith, chooses to mock and tease a non-believer ... It just doesn't set too good of an example about the individual or their religion. On the world stage, it's called diplomacy. On Main Street, it's called good manners. Yet, the concept is the same.

  • It's not something to laugh at!

    Oh my gosh, no. Religion is a serious thing, and the picture you display to go with the debate only proves my point. Why would religion be funny? Is it funny to tie a chair to your butt and waddle around like that all day, making fun of the disabled kid in the hallway? Maybe it's funny for you, but I'm sure as hell it's not funny for that disabled kid. You don't know what they've been through, and it is not your job to insult their situation.

  • What about respect

    Even if you think it's ok to make fun of what other people believe regardless of their religion, shouldn't you at least respect it even if you think it's stupid ?? I have lots of friends from different religions, lots of these religions I don't believe in and some have believes which are strange to me, but that never meant it's ok for me to make fun of it or humiliate it. RESPECT.

  • It's not right, it's offensive

    People have the right to live as a follower of Christ with out being mocked. People who choose to follow the devil will have consequences for their actions, It says in the bible Revelation 3:9 those who belong to satan- those liars, I will make them bow at your feet. And acknowledge you are the ones I love

  • I would say, "Generally no."

    I would argue that it is generally not okay to joke about religion because it is something that can easily go too far or get out of hand. Religion is an institution that is intended to be taken seriously and many people do and for good reason. I am a Christian and I don't consider myself particularly religious, but I am still offended by mocking jokes made about Christ or any of our beliefs. I am reasonable though and I can find humor in poking fun at religion to an extent, but there is a fine line between having fun and being downright inappropriate and insulting.

  • It's important to people.

    It's a very important aspect of some people's lives. How would you appreciate it if I made a joke about how your mother was dying of cancer and I wanted to mock her and you for it? To some it is the exact same thing and it's very serious. I do believe there to be two types of jokes concerning religion. There are the ones that are actual ha ha funny non insulting jokes. Then there are those that are "jokes" meant to be mean and rude to the person of that faith.

  • Huge insult to the religion!

    If you make fun of a certain religion, its like a BIG insult. Plus, its not only an INSULT, but its also a major sign of disrespect!

    People are already divided because of how many religions we have, we need to start a change. We need to start respecting others, albeit their religion. And we also need to start respecting other peoples religion and the religion itself.

  • No it's not

    America has freedom of religion for a reason.
    Other religions, or if someone doesn't have a religion i.e. atheism, should not be made fun of.
    Everyone has their own beliefs and they have the right to believe in whatever they want--even if they believe in nothing. Thus, it is no okay to laugh and make fun of religion.

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