Is it okay to let the apperance of somebody negatively effect whether or not you seek out a relationship with said person?

Asked by: Zarlak
  • Yes, in several different ways, for several reasons.

    The appearance of someone is broken down into two categories. The first is genetic, how a person looks because of their genes, and the second is cosmetic, how a person looks based on how well they take care of themselves. To the first part, while it may seem unfair to judge a person based on their inborn traits, over which they have no control, the reality is that a relationship between two consenting adults is going to involve sex. If you are not sexually attracted to a person, there is a basic building block of what a relationship is missing. It may be unfair to the naturally less attractive among us to miss out on finding a good mate due to circumstances beyond their control, but it is equally unfair to begin a relationship with them that will end in catastrophe because humans require sex and you will inevitably seek out someone else you are attracted to.
    As for cosmetic appearance, I think we can all agree that if you don't keep up with basic hygiene and keep to a HEALTHY weight, that is, for the purposes of health and not beauty, then you would not make a suitable mate anyway. Find me a person who never brushes their teeth or washes their face, but is a really nice person on the inside and tell me you'd marry them, and I'll eat my shoes.

  • It tells you a little bit about how compatible you are.

    When it comes to appearances there are cues that tell you if they will be a good match. For example a person who looks sloppy when you are a beat person would not make a perfect match although you may over look it. And you have the right to choose if a person is attractive to you. If you don't think they are attractive then you have the right not to consider a relationship as getting with someone you aren't attracted to May cause some problems down the line.

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