• Yes if the animal is already dead

    If the animal has already died and its body is clean and in good condition then if people want a key chain made out of it, although I don't see why they would, then that is perfectly ok. I don't see how it disrespects the rights of animals, wouldn't it be cool to know that you still have a purpose even after death?

  • It is Inhumane

    Please, no one can argue that having a life animal in a keychain is DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!!!
    Even a dead one is gross.
    It is definetly not a good way to treat animals and honour them when they are dead, and it is all for our entertainment. I saw a insect keychain at $2! Imagine a animals life being just $2!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • It is inhumane!

    I think that making key chains out of animals is just plain murder and it will increase the extinction of animals if those rare animals are used for their skin, fur and etc.. I believe that replacements could be made by using fake materials, and furthermore, not necessary that everyone will know the difference.

  • It's just sick!!

    I agree how can you make a key chain from animals, what's the point. This is a new craze, as far as I'm concerned, but I can remember when I was a kid (30 years ago), some people used to have a rabbit's foot, as a lucky charm key ring. Nowadays, it completely unacceptable and rightly so. Hopefully, this will be a silly fad, which will soon lose it's charm. Unfortunately, innocent animals have to die as a result of a stupid humans vanity!

  • Animals have their own life

    As a human, we forced to love animals beside using themand eat their flesh. But in this problem,it's just too painful. Some peoples in china made a key chain and there's an animalthats still alive. I mean, they should respect to those creatures. Animals have to be free too and making them as a keychain is just stupid. Like a fish. Peoples put a fish into a plastic balland then closed it and then they made a key chain from that stuff. It's cute and cool, but remember that animals had to be free too. Just like humans

  • A little bit gross and twisted don't you think?

    Why have a live animal put in a key chain then worn around until it's dead?
    I mean rattling it around on a key chain in a small space is just cruel.

    Even if it's dead it would still be gross.
    I mean who wants a dead goldfish in a ball next to their keys..
    I mean it might be a conversation starter but that ain't right.

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