Is it okay to marry someone for practical reasons?

  • Yes; let marriage supplement, not define, a successful relationship.

    Relationships should be based on love, respect, trust, and mutual support. The lucky ones should have a healthy dose of passion thrown in as well. Adding the legal rights associated with marriage is not going to legitimize an otherwise weak relationship, and is not going to guarantee that the relationship will be permanent. We should not pretend that a relationship will be strong, passionate, and committed if and only if it is formalized by marriage. Instead, I would love to see our culture start treating marriage as a legal relationship with a bundle of practical rights and protections (spousal privilege, intestacy rights, etc.) that would be difficult or impossible to get through contracts alone. People could then focus on just building healthy relationships that, if it becomes practical to do so, can be supplemented with the rights and protections of a legal status.

  • Yes, it's okay

    As long as you at least 'like' the person you would be marrying. I love my boyfriend very much and I know he loves me. But I think when we decide to get married, it will be based off of the practicality of being legally married. He would get my good health insurance rate, I would get his good car insurance rate, etc.

  • Marrying for Practical Reasons All Right

    Technically, marrying another person for practical reasons is all right. It's not necessarily the best idea, but the tax breaks and other advantages of marriage are worthwhile. Both people in the marriage need to understand that it's a marriage for practicality rather than one for love, though, and feelings can easily change over time.

  • Marriage is Excellent for Practical Reasons too

    This is what I try to tell people all the time, but they don't wanna hear me though or if its black folks , some try to play up some silly pseudo-Afrocentric nonsense about how marriage is a European institution and that Africans didn't have marriage or even how there wasn't marriage in the Bible! What's also so interesting to me is when I've seen cases of "common law" partnerships and the man dies, the woman left behind learns REAL quickly how important that piece of paper would have been... and funny, even though she's been around forever, the family of the dead dude doesn't lift a finger to help her with anything or reach out to the children... I rarely hear about actual widows being abandoned and ignored by their dead husband's families.

  • Why not?

    Whatever "okay" means in this context, it does seem to be acceptable. If two people aren't exactly madly in love, but they can still build a happy home together, then why not get married? They're going to have better lives than if they were single. I don't think anyone should use anyone else, but if both people go into it with eyes open, why not?

  • Yes, let then do what their heart desires.

    I'd have to say Yes, it is okay to marry someone for practical reasons. What does practical mean to you? Our actions are defined by the characteristics we endure through life situations. Maybe someone grew up poor and wants to marry someone because they have a lot of money. I find that to be okay! You do what you have to do in this life and if it means to marry someone for practical reasons, then so be it.

  • Wrong Reasons

    No, it is not okay to marry someone for practical reasons. When people marry, they should do it based on love, not practicality. A marriage for practical reasons starts off like a business arrangement, almost like the arranged marriages in foreign countries. A marriage based on practical reasons has no passion, no emotion to sustain it. The foundation for the marriage will not hold up over time. Eventually one or both partners will long for the personal satisfaction of a traditional love based marriage.

  • No its not ok

    Marriage should be based on love not need. If you marry someone you hate or will end up hating you will regret it no matter what. Marriage should be based on the heart and on common interest not want or need because thats just using someone to your own advantage

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